Clever Ways Your Smartphone Can Save You Money Every Day

The latest available data from Pew Statistics tells us that 81 percent of Americans own a smartphone. Given that this is from research carried out two years ago, it is fair to assume that the real figure is even higher, probably up around the 85 percent reported in the UK.

A high-end smartphone is one of the more expensive purchases you will make. However, unlike a car, which carries on draining your finances during ownership, that trusty handset can actually start to pay for itself by cutting precious dollars from your everyday outgoings. Let’s take a look at three ways of doing so.

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Find A Better Deal

When you are shopping for insurance or booking a hotel, you probably use a comparison site to get the best price. The beauty of the smartphone age is that you can check prices and make sure you get the best deal on just about anything.

The Amazon app is great for this; all you need to do is hit the camera icon and point your phone at something you are considering buying – it will often find the same thing at a vastly reduced price. eBay and ShopSavvy offer similar functionality.

This concept doesn’t just apply to tangible purchases. Love online gaming? Take a look at a site like MapleSlot, and you will be presented with a list of the gaming sites that are offering special deals. For example, this Mr. Green Review shows you can claim bonuses worth up to $1,200.

Earn Rewards When You Spend

Again, this is a familiar concept in some areas – many of us are members of loyalty schemes that let us earn points when we book a flight or perhaps fill the car with gas. But apps like Swagbucks, Koho, and Rakuten take this to another level and reward you for purchasing almost anything.

Let’s take Swagbucks as an example. The app awards you points for doing all sorts of things, including shopping, completing surveys, even playing games! It automatically tucks them away in your account, and you can withdraw your earnings either as cash or by transferring them to your PayPal account. What could be easier?

Take The Coupons Out Of Couponing

 Coupons are great, but let’s be honest, none of us want to be that person standing at the checkout and holding up the line while rifling through a purse or wallet trying to find the right coupon to get 25 cents of this and 50 cents off that. There are a couple of apps worth looking at that will get rid of all those scraps of paper for good and will also consign the embarrassment factor to the pages of history.

Cartwheel and OptUp are two good examples. If you regularly shop in Walmart, their app is a must-have, as it will automatically send appropriate coupons to your phone. All you need to do is scan your handset when you get to the checkout, and you will see the price of your grocery shopping magically reduce.

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