CMMS Reports That Ease Maintenance Operations In A Business

Maintenance management has never been easier, thanks to technology. Nowadays, you can acquire the latest CMMS system for your business, schedule equipment maintenance, and enhance your company’s efficiency. With CMMS systems, you can also generate different reports, which allow you to track your equipment and take control of maintenance activities in your business.

Here a list of reports that you can generate from your CMMS software and why they are essential.

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1. Preventive Maintenance Report

Preventive maintenance reports allow you to conduct preventative maintenance on your office machines. This maintains your equipment in excellent condition and minimizes breakdowns and the cost of repairs. With a CMMS system, you can generate preventive maintenance reports that enable you to view all the mro activities schedules for your company’s equipment.

You can analyze them in terms of;

  • Date
  • Department
  • Person assigned
  • Equipment location
  • The associated activities.
  • Location of the activity
  • Equipment category

2. Activities Reports

This statement gives you detailed information on all the maintenance activities and the associated tasks. It further provides detailed information on the equipment, the estimated material, and labor costs for each maintenance activity. Activity reports are handy for business owners and will help you budget rightly for all maintenance activities.

3. Vendor Insurance Report

A vendor insurance report furnishes you with data to check the vendor’s insurance status. This is a must-have in all businesses and will help you keep tabs on the current state of the vendor’s insurance history. Some CMMS systems will even send alerts to notify you of the expiry and keep you compliant.

4. Vendor Purchase Order History

This type of report gives insight into your vendor history. It makes it easier to manage your vendors and analyze purchase orders and the related costs. It then makes it easier to track your expense, budget appropriately for optimal maintenance management processes.

5. Equipment History

The equipment history report analyzes equipment use and breaks the information down by work orders, purchase orders, and preventive maintenance. It also classifies equipment information in terms of created, scheduled, closed, suspended, or denied.

6. Labor Summary Report

The labor summary report gives you a rough idea of your maintenance efforts. You can analyze the record for work orders, preventive maintenance activities, the date performed, scheduled, suspended, and denied maintenance activities, making it easier to maintain your equipment as required.

What’s more? From the report, you can also check the priority of each labor report and the assigned department. You also get to know the worker assigned and the specific maintenance activity.

Why Are These Reports Useful?

The data derived from such reports will help you better manage and budget for preventive maintenance in your business and benefit your business in various ways. These include;

Control Over Resources& Budgets

With the various preventive maintenance repairs, you gain control over maintenance activities in your business. You stay updated on all the scheduled maintenance activities, the equipment’s location, and the cost of labor and maintenance. This way, you can determine the cost beforehand and set a proper budget for all maintenance activities.

Control Over Resources& Budgets

You can use the data to maintain your office equipment in optimal condition and avoid regular breakdowns ad repairs. This eases the stress of equipment breakdowns and allows your employees to perform their duties with minimal interruptions. This way, you enhance employee satisfaction, improve efficiency and productivity.

Minimizes Equipment Maintenance Costs

With CMMS reports, everything is scheduled and planned, which offers better outcomes. When you keep tabs on your maintenance activities, plan and budget appropriately. This allows you to think of ways to reduce the labor costs beforehand and minimize maintenance costs due to well-maintained equipment.


Using a CMMS system in your business allows you to create different reports to streamline your business operations. You can use the analytics to schedule maintenance activities, labor costs, and budget appropriately. Also, go for the latest CMMS software that offers various reports and maintenance notifications. And this eases maintenance processes in your company.

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