Community Coworking – How To Network To Business Success

The coworking community in Thailand is on its way to becoming as wildly popular as it is in other parts of the Asia-Pacific market. Thailand, by the way, is the perfect place for coworking professionals simply because a large part of Thai business is based on friendships and trust. In Bangkok, the coworking experience is so much more enriched by the networking aspect of the space.

A coworking space in Bangkok can enhance this concept of building friendships before doing business. One of the reasons that the spaces are more amenable to professionals starting out this landscape is because of the mix between the professional office setting and the laid back work environment, a recipe for networking and collaboration. Servcorp coworking spaces, for example, illustrate this mix of the two concepts.

Keep reading to find out how you can network your way to Bangkok business success with a coworking space.

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Talk Up Your Brand

The first place you want to network is in your immediate environment. At the hot desk or workstation, begin conversations, even if it means asking your coworking neighbors about their work. This gives you the chance to talk about your work and talk up any ideas you might have. Small talk is a great way to lead conversations about other opportunities. These conversations can also be the icebreakers that lead to referrals, at a minimum, and business friendships down the line.

Find Your Crew

In the coworking space, try to surround yourself with people who cannot only be sources of information but can actually be a small support group. While there are the typical people who make up a group, the ones you definitely want to include are the advisor and your cheerleader. Everyone needs a sounding board for their ideas and someone to pick them up when business is rough, and these two types can make going to work fun.

When you have picked out your support crew, look for people in the space that complement your industry. For example, if you are a graphic designer, look for artists or programmers in the space for opportunities to collaborate on projects. While this might take some time and you might have to immerse yourself in the coworking culture of the enclave, when you do find these people, connecting and collaborating with others will culminate in business growth.

Go Social

Get involved with the events held by your coworking space. In fact, because the coworking space focuses on the social aspect of managing a business as well, many of the better spots definitely have a calendar of events. As a part of your schedule, pencil in a few events every month to make sure that you can take advantage of a platform that provides an opportunity for your business.

Organize A Pitch Night In The Coworking Space

When you have found your crew, pencil in a pitch night or day event. This can be the beginning of the long process of fleshing out ideas that can showcase your talents and lead to other opportunities. More importantly, you might find this the perfect opportunity to learn from your peers and also meet mentors along the way.

Mixing Business With Pleasure

One could be lead to believe that coworking focuses on only socializing, but really socializing promotes getting to know others in the coworking space. In fact, networking is work and can generate huge benefits for your business if done successfully. Successful networking, ultimately, builds the foundation of other great opportunities in the coworking space.

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