Your Complete Guide To Creating An Influencer Marketing Strategy

Brands hoping to increase their impact on Instagram should consider taking advantage of influencer marketing. However, this process involves finding the right influencers and creating a set of clear guidelines to ensure influencers create and share content in a way that works to grow your brand. The following is a complete guide for creating an effective influencer marketing campaign.

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1. Create A Brand Brief

The goal of every marketing campaign is to create valuable content for customers and followers. When working with influencers, brands must focus on developing high-quality content. To ensure they find the best influencers that can deliver this type of value, brands must create thorough brand briefs.

These types of briefs inform influencers what is expected of them. This brief should outline the key messaging, specific dates or deadlines, the budget, the type of content, and the niche audience your brand is hoping to reach.

2. Define Campaign Goals And KPI For Influencers

The next step in creating an influencer marketing strategy is to define campaign-specific goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). This stage in planning your strategy is important as it sets up the measurements for campaign success. Whether you hope to grow your following by several hundred Instagrammers or increase brand awareness across the board, this step is the beginning of setting up your campaign analytics.

3. Vet Potential Influencers

In addition to creating a brand brief and campaign goals, brands must be sure to vet their potential influencers properly. As anyone can claim to be an influencer on Instagram, brands have to evaluate influencers carefully before agreeing to work with them.

After putting together a list of potential influencers, brands must evaluate to see if they’re they are ideal for their campaign. There is no standard model for brands to use when working with influencers.

While some businesses choose to partner with a tier-1 influencer, other companies find it more beneficial to connect with multiple micro-influencers to promote their brand. Whatever type you choose, be sure that they have the influencer marketing statistics to prove they have real followers, high engagement, and a history of effective promotional campaigns.

4. Create Content Delivery Requirements

Another part of creating an effective influencer marketing strategy is defining content delivery requirements. Proper content management requires you to spell out the guidelines and expectations that you expect influencers to comply with.

These requirements should include specific details like what platforms the campaign is targeting, the type and number of posts the influencer should share, and the expected timeline for the content to go live.

5. Spell Out Exclusivity Rights

Any influencer agreement should discuss exclusivity and usage rights. These rights discuss ownership of the campaign content once the influencer campaign launches. Brands that want to retain ownership of the content to continue to repost them should be sure to include this detail in the influencer’s contract.

6. Share Creative Guidelines For Campaigns

When working with influencers, it’s crucial to take measures to ensure that any content meets your creative guidelines. These guidelines are in place to guarantee that all content is appropriately branded and is consistent with the rest of your content.

When creating these types of guidelines, use your audience research, competitor analysis, and prior campaign evaluations to determine what new content should look like. Once the guidelines are decided on, develop an outline that you can share with all collaborators. This way, they can check their content against your guidelines to make sure everything is in line with your expectations.

7. Iron Out A Content Approval Process

Successful partnerships with influencers and brands require influencers be held accountable for what the content post. Instead of giving influencers free rein to post as they see fit, set up a process to review, edit, and approve their content. To ensure that both parties are satisfied with the final product, brands should strive to communicate as openly as possible.

The more feedback you can provide your influencers, the more beneficial the partnership will be. Much like the right influencer, an effective Instagram marketing campaign will take your company to new heights on social media. Keep this guide in mind as you work to improve your marketing efforts by working with influencers.

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