COVID-19 Could Make Remote Working A Permanent Option Post-Pandemic

Businesses across the globe had to shutter their physical office locations and switch to remote working in a matter of weeks when COVID-19 began its assault on the UK in early 2020. Suddenly, the online world boomed: Customers flocked to online outlets in favor of physical stores, and workforces scrambled for an IT support partner in London to keep up with demand.

While most industries were able to make the transition relatively straightforward, there remain a few unexpected issues some businesses may still not be prepared for. With remote work is likely to remain a staple in the future, workforces must have a clear plan for how they’ll approach this new reality.

It’s hard to say how significant of an impact remote working may have on our old way of life” – said a spokesman of Sphere IT one of London’s leading IT support helpdesks. “Regardless, business leaders must prepare for the potential changes it could cause their staff members to experience.

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Remote Working Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

While the ability to have employees work from anywhere in the world is a clear plus for many businesses, the adjustment shouldn’t be made — if it’s to become permanent — without a solid game plan. Some crucial factors companies should follow in the coming months include the following:

Structured Implementation

If your business has yet to find an IT help provider in London, now is one of the best times to do so. Most modern companies already rely on a series of digital tools and a technological infrastructure to complete operations, but not all understand how to utilize them to their fullest potential. The combination of strong in-house leadership and a qualified IT expert at your side guarantees your business can successfully handle a remote workforce.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

While remote working carries unique perks, many employees can find it difficult to distinguish their personal lives from their work-life when they take place in the same home. By focusing on your employee’s mental health, remote working doesn’t have to be a burden on your workforce’s well-being.

Increase Security

IT support businesses around London have long been warning businesses to be wary of the rise in cybercrime. With remote working becoming the new normal, cybercriminals now have a vast array of targets to wreak havoc upon. As such, your business should invest in increasing the security of its online infrastructures and ensure digital tools are modern and efficient. Small businesses without an in-house IT department can find the support they need in an IT support service provider in London. 

Choose Your Tools Wisely

How successful your business’s migration into remote working is depends almost entirely on the digital tools it’s equipped with. As proven by the COVID-19 shutdown, companies need to act quickly and efficiently to unexpected changes in the market — something almost impossible to pull off without the right preparation.

Not every business is the same, and your workforce should thoroughly research its options before settling on its final resources. As always, bringing in one of the many qualified and experienced IT support enterprises in London can make the process far quicker. However, the final decision should always come down to what’s best for your business.

Once you’ve acquired the right tools, it’s time to start transforming your business into one that entirely operates through remote workers — or only a few, depending on your requirements. The process won’t be instant, and it’s wise to train only a few groups of employees at a time.

Remote Working Is An Investment

Much like any other significant change in your business experiences, a remote transformation will only provide the same value as the amount of effort you put into it. Follow the right course of action, and it may prove to be an investment worth making.

From startups in Manchester to established IT support helpdesks in London, businesses are starting to treat remote working as less of a necessity, and more as an unexpected improvement. Whether it be reduced commute times, less office space, or improved travel flexibility, every employee has a reason to see this transformation as a plus. Should workforces decide to keep it in place throughout the next year, it may very well be a transformation that becomes permanent.

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