Crypto Debit Cards Allow You To Spend Your Bitcoin Everywhere

Cryptocurrency has come a long way since its infant stage. Gone are the days when it was regarded as nothing more than a fad, something technology wizards had thought up to make the online world even more compelling by for instance replacing the need for financial institutions such as banks.

Cryptocurrency, and especially Bitcoin, still the cryptocurrency above all cryptocurrencies, have now taken another step towards cementing itself as reliable and indeed here to stay. It is suspected that this new development might have something to do with the bull market on the horizon, but it can also simply be a natural occurrence. Only time will tell. What is referenced to here is the notion of Bitcoin Debit Cards.

A site such as BestBitcoinCard provides information on this relatively novel way of purchasing the cryptocurrency as well as with the cryptocurrency and there is much to acquaint oneself with before starting to rack up the charges. As always when it comes to finances, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I.e. it’s wise to compare the different companies providing the Bitcoin debit card in order to not fall victim to scams.

First, as always, one needs to read up on cryptocurrency itself, then Bitcoin, as well as the current market, before heading into the uncharted territory that is Bitcoin debit cards. Start with reading up on the different card issuer companies and make sure that all the information provided by the site is transparent and easily accessible. Usually, when a provider offers to issue a Bitcoin debit card they also have other services available such as individual bitcoin exchanges tied to each provider.

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A VISA friend

Even though all traders have their own wallet, using the exchanges provided by each site might be beneficial. Otherwise, each user would have to possess cryptocurrency before being able to upload them to the Bitcoin debit card in question, before being able to use it.

When it comes to currency, the three major fiat ones are accepted, i.e. USD, EUR, and GBP. Even though this might pose a problem for Russia or certain emerging markets, there are issuers catering to them as well. With most card issuers there are certain restrictions and you would be required to present some personal identity verification.

This is standard practice and the time for verification might differ so bear this in mind when applying for your own Bitcoin debit card. Some transaction fees and card prices occur but these are also limited and such information is available on each issuers site. Another positive aspect of the Bitcoin debit card is the compatibility with Visa.

Most are familiar with VISA as it is by many accounts the leading credit and debit card provider in the payment industry. As far as visa cards compared goes, there really is no competition. One of the major benefits of using VISA is that there is virtually a global acceptance of the cards. There are no direct fees when using VISA as most of the expenses of this kind is played by the card provider, this being similar to the providers of the Bitcoin debit cards. Gain the independence you crave by using your Bitcoin debit cards wherever you go.

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