Can The Current Energy Crisis Help Wipe Out Bitcoin?

The world is about to experience a global energy crisis because of the outrage of energy in different corners. If we talk about the United Kingdom, there has been an energy shortage for businesses and administration. The government has been bailing out on the energy-intensive manufacturers because there has been a shortage of power supply in the whole nation. If you talk about the domestic economy, the people who have survived the Covid 19 pandemic will not survive the winter because that will be very strong.

In the case of France, in the past few months, there has been a fast growth in green energy suppliers. However, the number of consumers using green energy decreased because of affordability. The hydro adoption of green energy and low carbon emissions has been in the place of judicial administration because it is failing to pay the suppliers their deaths and the expenses in the first place.

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The developed and the developing economies are suffering a power shortage. There has been a coal shortage in India in the second half of 2021. Because of this, there were massive outages of electricity and curbs imposed on industries hungry for a large amount of energy. It is an important matter of concern for such an industry to increase at an enormous speed. Due to the first speed of industrial development, India requires a large sum of electricity which is not being supplied because of lack of energy.

Two years ago, China was also struck down by the electricity shortage, and different companies operating at high electricity levels were shut down. They were told to limit their energy consumption so that their residents do not face any blackouts in the annual supply. Due to the energy shortage, the annual light shows were also canceled.

The route behind increasing electricity consumption and electricity prices is nothing else but the increase in gas prices. In the last six months, gas per therm has increased to £352 from £60. It is an alarming situation for every country, and therefore, it needs to be addressed at the earliest possible. Read more on

However, it can also be predicted that people can get social unrest and riot due to decreased power supply and availability of electricity in every corner of the world. For example, just last week, there were riots in Kazakhstan due to the increasing use prices. In that country, the government allowed the military officials to shoot protesters on-site if they saw it fit without warning. It is such a specific condition for everyone living in the country.

In the situation of Kazakhstan, we can see that the power shortage is going on because a significant reason behind the same is cryptocurrency. When China decided to shut down the cryptocurrency mining operations in May 2021, most of the work was diversified into the United States of America and Kazakhstan.

It is because they were providing a cheaper electricity supplier. Within just two years, the bitcoin production in Kazakhstan shifted from 1.4% to 18.1%. Therefore, the international energy agency stated that Kazakhstan is committing large amounts of carbon for every kilowatt per hour of electricity consumption.

Also, it is essential to note that bitcoin’s global power consumption is about 100 terawatts of power. The total equivalent of this massive amount of electricity can provide supplies to countries like Ireland and Argentina. Therefore, bitcoin miners worldwide are not bothered about the environment and the emissions we are causing by carbon footprint. Their only job is to find cheaper electricity and provide bitcoin mining facilities.

By providing a green energy supply to the bitcoin mining companies, it is possible to distinguish between green bitcoin and down bitcoin. The governments must employ enormous stress on creating new bitcoins with the help of hydropower and clean energy. It is going to be even cleaner in comparison to the energy consumption which is created by coal and other types of resources that are not renewable.

The prolonged age of coal mines and coal plants cannot purify the coal to require limits. Therefore, carbon emissions are even more harming the global economy to a large extent. Therefore, it is better to educate the consumers and the cryptocurrency miners to distinguish between green energy and dirty energy consumption to work towards the common good of people.

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