DasCoin – Soon To Join The Ranks Of The Top 20?

Thousands of altcoins have been spawned in the last year for every imaginable use case, but only a few are destined to rise to the top of the heap. A few, like Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA), have approached cryptocurrency from a different angle than granddaddy Bitcoin, which continues to fork to find its niche. As Bitcoin increasingly loses its relevance to altcoins, and as those altcoins are continually replaced by new and better technology, how can you tell which new coin will rise to the Top 20? Will it be DasCoin?

Any new altcoin must stand out. It must outperform the current Top 20 to have a shred of hope. Crypto investors are a skeptical lot, and crypto enthusiasts can be particularly brutal judges of new and lacking coins – the vast majority, in other words. One coin, however, appears to be rising above the competition.

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DasCoin – The Favorable Blockchain Technology Behind The Coin

DasCoin stands out from the rest of the herd with a blockchain transaction speed of six seconds and the ability to scale up to 100,000 transactions per second. Mechanics aside, DasCoin dominates due to its unique take on what a cryptocurrency really ought to be.

DasCoin is a hybrid of traditional, centralized currencies and bleeding-edge decentralized cryptocurrencies. Centralized currencies carry more than a little distrust due to past abuses by banks and governments alike. Totally decentralized currencies, however, face regulatory hurdles that are just a fact of doing business in today’s evolved markets.

DasCoin takes the best features from both to bring something truly new to the crypto table – a currency that curries the respect of a fiat currency, like the U.S. dollar, with the speed and raw technological advantage of blockchain technology. This is accomplished with a consortium blockchain. In a consortium (or permissioned) blockchain system, a number of invested parties control the direction of the coin instead of a single, centralized entity. This ensures privacy, efficiency, and security, all while keeping the blockchain’s operation transparent and democratic.

Another factor likely to push DasCoin to the top is its common-sense approach to regulation, which is an absolute given in any capitalist market. DasCoin has airtight Know-Your-Customer and anti-money laundering processes, so it’s already accounting-accountable should regulators come knocking. This is going to be key for altcoins moving forward.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has already made it known that it will be considering each altcoin’s securities status on an individual basis. It really won’t pay in the long run to ignore the implications of a harsh SEC ruling. DasCoin, by its very nature, guards against this.

Additionally, DasCoin has potential to be an everyday currency for everyday uses. Some altcoins’ use cases are so esoteric they seem more at home in research journals or niche publications, as opposed to a public exchange. Not so with DasCoin. It uses the same technology as Visa and Mastercard, so the groundwork is already in place for mass adoption.

Combine all that with its environmentally friendly approach to minting new coins instead of generating them via proof of work, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see DasCoin crack the Top 20 in the near future.

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