What Is The Difference Between QuickBooks vs QuickBooks Enterprise?

Businesses in the accounting software market must consider QuickBooks that has been developed by Intuit. QuickBooks is a solution that is useful for both individuals and businesses for managing their finances. Three versions of QuickBooks Desktop(QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and Accountant) can be grouped. That leaves QuickBooks Enterprise as a unique solution. Let us understand the differences between QuickBooks vs QuickBooks Enterprise and help you identify the solution that is best for your business.

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QuickBooks vs QuickBooks Enterprise – How Are They Different?

QuickBooks was and continues to be an accounting solution that is developed for small and medium businesses. Only up to 5 users can be accommodated even on the Premier version. However, QuickBooks Enterprise is extensible up to 40 users.

It is a solution for larger enterprises that have more complex operations in manufacturing, wholesale, or construction businesses. With advanced workflows and features for tracking inventories, pricing, and payroll, along with a much higher capacity for data, and sophisticated features, QuickBooks Enterprise is much more than a simple accounting solution. Here are some of the other key differentiating factors.

Pricing Model

QuickBooks Desktop solutions are based on one-time licenses. QuickBooks Enterprise is based on a subscription model. Businesses can optionally choose QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting in which they don’t have to install the software on their desktop. QuickBooks Enterprise is available based on monthly and annual plans. Businesses can choose between three QuickBooks Enterprise subscriptions. These are Silver, Gold, and Platinum. QuickBooks Enterprise is now available in the Diamond version also.

Features Differences

As an all-in-one solution, QuickBooks Enterprise has a significantly larger number of features than any of the QuickBooks Desktop versions. One of the standout features is the online backup that is available only with QuickBooks Online versions. Additionally, it can be customized for different industries. The features available in QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Edition are different from that of the Retail industry.

It is the only solution that allows multi-mode operations in which users can simultaneously work on different company files. It includes the inventory center feature that is available only with the Premier version.

Reporting Additions

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions can be used to consolidate reports from multiple company files. While the one-click report generation, feature is common for all finance, sales, and tax reports for QuickBooks versions, with QuickBooks Enterprise, there are more than 150 such customizable reports that can be generated. This is much higher than the 65 reports that can be generated with the Online version and 100 reports on the Pro Edition.

Many of these reports are customized for different industries such as retail, manufacturing, services, and so on. When you perform an Office 365 migration to a virtual desktop with QuickBooks Enterprise, you can directly export then to Excel Online, generate templates on Word Online, and email customers and other stakeholders via Exchange Online.

Virtualizing QuickBooks On Cloud

QuickBooks Desktop editions have to be installed on a system before they can be accessed. The alternative is to access them through a hosting solution. As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, and an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent can virtualize QuickBooks on Azure WVD. This service is backed by 24/7 email, phone, and chat assistance. Contact Apps4Rent for hosted software solutions.

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