7 Types Of Digital Marketers: Modern Marketing Humor [Infographic]

Digital marketing, which is a buzz phrase in the modern marketing sphere, has so many different meanings to different marketers that it’s easy to get confused. I looked it up on Wikipedia today, just to see what someone had put in there, but was too lame to even include in this article. If you are trying to wrap your brain around the digital marketing ecosystem, you might find this article called The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Digital Marketing helpful. Today I’d like to share with you a humorous look at digital marketers.

Traditional marketing strategies that may have worked a decade ago are no longer relevant today. Modern marketing is more advanced, more techie and some might even say geeky. Smart modern marketers know this, and they are savvier than ever.

This infographic called The 7 Types Of Digital Marketers by Optify takes a humorous look at today’s digital marketers. If you are familiar with modern marketing, they even encourage you to mix and match these different types so you can create your own unique style of digital marketing.

When you look through this list, you’ll probably recognize some of these people. Whether you’ve seen them in your Twitter stream, in your email or on the different sites you visit throughout the day, they are everywhere. Which one are you?

I thought it was interesting to see that emails have a 15% increase in open rates if there is a symbol in the subject line, and a 4.8% increase if there is a hashtag in the subject line. I can think of so many people who fall into the “beta tester” type. I think I follow all of those people on Twitter. This is a lot of fun to read through. I hope you enjoy it!

Modern Marketing Humor

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