Earn Money In Your Spare Time – The Millennial’s Way

Are you a college student coping with financial incapability? Why not make some money in your spare time? There are several ways to make money on the internet without leaving your home. This article gives you several ways to make money. While they may not turn you into a millionaire, you should be able to make enough to keep you going if you put your heart to whichever one you eventually choose. So, here are a few ways to make money online.

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Freelance Article Writing

There are several writing platforms where you write articles and get paid for it. There are many of them online. A google search on article writing platforms will lead you to some of them. While they all operate differently, what is common among them is that they all pay and you have a timeline for every article. What you will like most about them is that they put your fate in your hands. You determine how much you want to earn since you are paid based on how many articles you are able to submit.

User Testing

Some companies hire people to test their products and give recommendations before they launch their products. Some of these products are mobile apps. Game apps are the best to test. You will enjoy the game and get paid for testing it. One particular app that is currently being tested is 918kiss. What distinguishes this app from others is that it has over 100 games in it, some of which are casino games where you can make real money. It has taken the app industry by storm. There are several other mobile apps that are being tested currently and many will still be tested later. So, there are websites where you can register to test products.

Online surveys

Although this space has too many fraudulent players, many reliable ones still exist. You can register on as many survey platforms as possible so that you can make a tangible amount of money. Every survey has a time frame and if you don’t respond within the required time frame, it will expire.

Always give your honest opinion. You will let the organizers get a more realistic picture that way. Don’t lie to be able to qualify for every survey. You may get disqualified. Most of the surveys usually take about 5 to 15 minutes to fill. The organizers are basically paying for your time.


You can make a lot of money from blogging, but it may take a long time before the dollars begin to roll in. This is because it will take a long time for you to get enough visitors. It is only after getting an impressive number of daily visitors that advertisers will consider advertising on your blog. That is where the real money comes from. You could also make money from marketing products directly on your blog. However, blogging may not be a good idea for someone looking for quick cash.

Online Translation

How many international languages can you speak fluently? If you can speak any other language apart from English, this may be a goldmine for you. Many organizations all over the world strive to break into the American market. So, they want all their websites, explainer videos, and other content translated to the English Language. This is why they need translators. Currently, the market size of the global languages industry is said to be around $40 billion. Won’t you like to take your share of the pie?

There are several other ways to make money online but these ones have been existing for a long time and they are more reliable. Remember, you have to put in a tangible amount of work to earn a considerable amount of money. The best part is that you can make a career out of some of them.

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