Ease Your Crypto Trading Process With TradeSanta’s Bots

We all know that it’s a dream of many traders to find the most convenient way to automate trading and forget about manual checking, and waiting for the right time to enter or exit the market. So, here comes TradeSanta service for automated trading which allows trading 24/7 and testing well-known trading strategies no matter if you are a novice or veteran.

If you still hesitate to try this bot or not, thinking it can be hard to learn the way it works, you should check out TradeSanta’s detailed FAQ and blogposts with useful tips. So, you’ll be able to learn more about the service and see why other traders prefer this service over others. By the way, TradeSanta has a fast-growing community: 16 540 trades have chosen this service for cryptocurrency trading, and up to 662 022 of the deals were completed.

Crypto Trading TradeSanta Bot Header Image


As well as providing detailed guidelines, TradeSanta also has quick customer support both on its website, also on Telegram where like-minded users ask questions, share their experience, and discuss the latest trends and theories. Not so long ago their crypto community has reached 1600 subscribers. And that’s not all you need to know about this service! What else does it offer?

  • Quick and user-friendly interface: easy website navigation and revamped accounts streamline trading routine. For example, you need only 10 minutes to customize your first bot and start trading.
  • Android and iOS apps are available: you can manage your bots and keep up with the market situation all from the palm of your hand.
  • 4 available exchanges: the service supports Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, and HitBTC. Project team says that the best is yet to come: they plan to expand the list of supported exchanges and add OKEx, Bitmex and Huobi.
  • Advanced trading tools: from martingale up to one of the latest feature, smart order. This brand new option gives an opportunity to trade large sums. Its algorithms will take into account a certain time period of the transaction and the total trading volume. This TWAP and VWAP functions make it possible to automate trading processes in a few clicks and let your bot deal with technical operations independently.
  • Security is a №1 priority: bots places orders and requests data via API keys. By default, the withdrawal option is off and TradeSanta won’t be able to withdraw your funds. Moreover, the service offers a 2-step verification process to level up security, preventing accounts from being hacked.
  • Referral program: TradeSanta team appreciates cultivating interest in the service, and offers its users referral program. Every user can participate in it and spread the word about TradeSanta. They just need to share your link with friends and get 20% of each plan purchase made by the invitee.
  • 3 different packs: you can choose the most suitable pack, depending on your preferences, trading strategy and available sum. The free pack offers up to 5 bots, with Basic plan you can use up to 49 bots, and pay $15 only per month, and last but not the least – Maximum plan with an unlimited number of bots. It costs $100/ month. For all new customers there is a 14-day trial period with Basic pack available. So, you can sign up, customize and turn on up to 49 bots, and take advantage of automated trading.

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