How Your eCommerce Business Can Boost Back-To-School Sales

It’s back-to-school time soon, and that means your eCommerce business is about to boom again… hopefully. This often-fruitful time of year can be bungled by businesses that either aren’t prepared or aren’t capable of offering good service and prices. A lot of parents (and indeed, students as well) turn to the internet for their back-to-school shopping, but they are savvy; they shop around at various stores for the best price and the best delivery service.

Therefore, the best way for your eCommerce business to boost revenues this coming September is to lower costs and to improve service delivery (duh, right?). An eCommerce business that gives clients the option to choose from a variety of discount shipping solutions maximizes back-to-school sales by reducing product delivery expenses – this choice can be offered by a courier broker service.

This article will venture to explain why you should be using a courier service like netParcel this September, what to look for in a service, and what advantages this service has over the alternative.

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Why Your eCommerce Business Needs Discounted Courier Services

  • It helps to lower your overall international shipping costs since the prices are reduced.
  • It makes shipping more convenient by providing options.
  • Consumers are more likely to make a purchase on your website if it offers them discount shipping solutions.

Qualities Of A Credible Courier Service

  • It is fast and makes sure that the goods are delivered to the customer on time.
  • It is reliable since it delivers the client’s goods in the right condition.
  • It is easy to place an order, pay for it, and track its progress.

Why Specialized Courier Services Are Better Suited For Your eCommerce Business Than Standard Postage

  • Unlike a courier that does all the work, standard postage is time-consuming, since the firm has to deliver the parcel to the post office for international shipping and delivery.
  • Courier companies enable clients to track their goods while standard postage lacks such an option.
  • The shipping rates offered by courier companies are more competitive than those of standard postage.

Shipping Packages Offered By Courier Services

There are two main shipping options: Full Truckload (FTL) and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL). The selection of one service over the other is determined by the number of goods and the delivery time. If the number of orders is enough to fill an entire truck, the customer pays for FTL and has the goods delivered directly at their destination.

Alternatively, if the goods are few, the customer pays for LTL and splits the shipping costs with third-party firms. Since LTL services deliver packages to different clients, the shipping duration takes longer.

Benefits Of Comparison Shopping For Couriering Companies

  • It saves time since it puts all the information in one website.
  • It keeps the client informed about the latest offers from different couriers.
  • It helps the client save money by finding the most affordable courier service.

In conclusion, the revenues generated by an eCommerce business will depend on the number of online sales, and in most instances, an online purchase will be determined by the shipping rates. For this reason, it is advisable for your eCommerce business to offer customers discounted courier services options in order to maximize back-to-school sales.

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