Elevate Marketing Performance: The Best Customer Engagement Tools To Use In 2024

Well-informed and dynamically responsive, today’s customers expect that brands will engage them and add value to their experiences. Businesses that understand this are better positioned for sustained success and resilience.

A variety of tools across categories: mobile engagement, messaging, email marketing, surveys, and analytics, are there to help you. With technological advances, you can automate your customer engagement strategy and reduce churn.

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To make your job of choosing the martech stack easier, we have curated a list of the best tools in different categories to help you “Make it happen!” next year.

Mobile user engagement tools


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Pushwoosh stands out as a top-notch customer engagement platform for audience segmentation, customization, and personalization of messages across mobile and web channels.

Its main features include the ability to segment your user base, plan and execute targeted messaging campaigns, do A/B/n testing, and gather statistics, all in one user-friendly tool named Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder.

Messages can be sent in different languages and contain fully customizable dynamic content.

Pushwoosh advocates for an omnichannel approach, allowing non-tech-savvy teams to leverage mobile and web push notifications, in-app messages, emails, SMS, and WhatsApp to ensure seamless connection and create synergy between the channels.

Marketers can take advantage of Pushwoosh’s comprehensive solutions to map out and enhance engagement campaigns and send tailored messages that drive impressive levels of user engagement.


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Mixpanel serves as an event analytics platform, helping companies understand and engage with their audiences. Mixpanel helps businesses uncover valuable insights, such as tracking customer behavior from initial contact to website or app usage, and use it to enhance the user experience and optimize engagement strategies.

In addition, Mixpanel offers a variety of advanced engagement tools, including segmentation, funnel analysis, and A/B testing, to help companies gain a comprehensive understanding of user interactions and uncover areas for growth and improvement.

Messaging tool


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Sendbird is a unique communication/messaging tool for retailers and businesses that connect buyers and sellers via their mobile apps. Such companies can incorporate Sendbird’s real-time chat, voice, and video functionalities into their applications or services. Companies can use its flexible APIs and SDKs to integrate chat and messaging features for engaging user interactions and boost retention with better support.

From implementing in-app messaging for customer support to adding social networking capabilities or building community-driven platforms, Sendbird equips businesses with the necessary tools and infrastructure for secure, reliable, and engaging communication experiences.

Email marketing tool


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Mailchimp is a leading email marketing and automation platform for businesses facilitating businesses in running impactful email campaigns and connecting with their desired audiences. Mailchimp’s robust features and intuitive interface help you reach the right people, develop better content, and optimize your communication.

Mailchimp offers features to create visually appealing emails from scratch or on the basis of ready-made templates.

For informed growth, Mailchimp provides simplified yet detailed reporting on email performance (opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, etc.). Businesses can use the tool to deliver tailored messages to specific customer segments, grow engagement and conversion rates, and increase online sales.

Survey tool


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SurveyMonkey is a well-recognized solution loved by businesses of all sizes. It lets you create surveys, collect information from respondents, and analyze statistics. With this platform, you can collect information from your users to understand their habits/behaviors, analyze trends in a certain market niche, or even assess the user satisfaction level with your goods/services.

You can leverage SurveyMonkey’s AI-powered tools for swift creation, distribution, and analysis of online surveys, polls, and quizzes – no specialized expertise required.

One of the key advantages is that you can distribute your survey forms using a variety of means, including web links, chats, emails, social media platforms, and more. Once the data is collected, it is automatically analyzed to provide relevant information.

The best thing about SurveyMonkey is that it helps you make informed, data-driven business decisions.

Customer analytics tool


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Ideal for in-house marketers and agencies alike, Hotjar is a customer analytics tool that has proven to be very useful if you want to get a clearer picture of how users behave on your websites.

Hotjar successfully combines several analytics tools and features with a variety of feedback tools in one solution. It employs a number of different mechanisms to track user activity, such as heatmaps, recordings, feedback surveys, inbound feedback, and conversion funnels. Hotjar also uses polls and other methods to obtain valuable feedback from users.With such detailed data collection, your marketing, analytics, UX, and CRO teams can make the necessary changes to improve UX and conversions.

Customer data platform


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Segment is an industry-leading customer data platform for businesses to have a holistic view of their customers. Segment is compatible with major platforms and apps, so you can collect and consolidate customer data from all touchpoints efficiently into a single customer database. You can use this data to improve your marketing strategy.

Segment boasts an intuitive interface and robust functionalities, such as customer profile management, event tracking, and audience segmentation. Using them, a team can gain a comprehensive view of customer interactions and offer personalized experiences across channels.

Content platform


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It is typically said that people don’t buy products, they buy stories and experiences. Storyly, a dynamic mobile app, enables businesses to craft immersive narratives in the form of in-app stories. They can encourage users to engage with the brand and potentially convert to purchase.

With Storyly’s intuitive interface, you can create and manage content, blending multimedia elements like videos and images for a captivating narrative.

You can also use its customizable templates and design options without additional efforts for stories that evoke a positive response from users.

From creating memorable experiences with content that aligns with your brand identity to running interactive campaigns, Storyly empowers businesses to engage and retain their users in their mobile apps.

Customer Engagement – Conclusion

We hope these top customer engagement tools across various categories will help you elevate your marketing strategies in 2024 and beyond. In an era where customer preferences are changing, prioritizing engagement with these premier tools is imperative to safeguard your brand sustainability. With personalization capabilities, ease of use, intuitive interface, and a multitude of features, these tools equip your business to improve user engagement, grow messaging metrics, and foster brand loyalty, resulting in reduced churn rates.

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