How To: Write An Email Subject Line That Gets Noticed [Infographic]

We’ve written about email marketing many times, and although when you think of email marketing you might think of spam, it’s the most effective form of online marketing. You can read more about that at Email Marketing Design Guide For 2013. If email marketing is done right, it’s very effective. People even look forward to receiving the emails. It’s just that so many people do it wrong that it tarnishes the whole thing. What I would like to talk about today is a very specific part of email marketing…the email subject line.

I get so much spam email it’s ridiculous. It’s my own fault though since I don’t filter much in my email. I do that on purpose because I don’t like missing emails that end up in my spam folder. When I’m whisking through the hundreds of emails I receive everyday, I click delete, delete, delete all the way down the list based on the sender name and the email subject line.

We are all flooded with tons of emails, and whether someone opens the email from you (whether it’s a work related email, a marketing email or even a personal email) all depends on that subject line. In a way, the subject line is the gatekeeper, and if you can get that right, you can move on to the next stage in your email marketing campaign.

I see the most ridiculous things in email subject lines, and I often wonder how anyone ever thought that could be effective. Many times writing the subject line is an afterthought. You type the whole email, proof it, make sure it’s all just right, and then get rushed to be finished and goof up the subject line – not good.

What is the most effective way to write a subject line? In this infographic called The Opening Line by litmus, you’ll get some pointers for how to write the ultimate email subject line. There is a really good corresponding blog post to accompany this infographic at How To Write The Perfect Subject Line. I hope these tips help you to fine tune your email marketing campaign to make it even more effective!

How To: Write An Email Subject Line That Gets Noticed

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Header Image Credit: [XDXY eMarketing Tips]