Employee Retention Credit – Is It Time To Implement This At Your Business?

The employee retention credit program has changed in 2021. While it was already a fantastic program in 2020, the 2021 version is even better. It provides more benefits. On this page, we want to talk about if employee retention credit is right for your business. Chances are, it probably is.

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You Have Employees You Can’t Lose

Obviously, there were a lot of major downsides to the pandemic. On this business side of things, people were losing their jobs all over the country. This is because businesses were struggling to find the funds to pay their employees. The purpose of the employee retention program was to help businesses cover a fraction of the salary of their staff in the hope that fewer people would be made unemployed.

If you have employees that you can’t lose, then the employee retention credit may be perfect for you. It means that even if your business is going through a bit of a downturn, you have a decent opportunity to be able to keep some of your better staff on the books. This means that your business is ready to hit the ground running the second you start to see an upturn in business again.

Profits are Down

If profits are down, the employee retention credit may provide a bit of extra cash for you to play about with. Remember, while this is technically a tax credit, you are going to be able to apply for it right away. You will have instant access to the funds.

If you are struggling to pay your suppliers, staff, and other costs related to your business, then the employee retention credit may be something that you want to look into. It could be exactly what you need in order to keep yourself in business.

You Want to Invest in Your Business

It is important to note that the number of businesses that qualify for employee retention credit is incredibly broad. Chances are that your business will qualify for it, even if you are not seeing a huge downturn in business.

There are plenty of businesses that are looking at their employee retention tax credit as a way to get a bit of extra funding for their business. This can help them to invest thousands of dollars in areas that they would have struggled to invest in before. This means that not only are companies going to find it easier to get through the pandemic, but their business will have more resources once everything is back out.


If you qualify for employee retention credit, why not apply for it? The process has been made incredibly easy so even the smallest companies with staff on the books will be able to apply for it. For some, this credit is going to help them survive, for others, the credit is going to increase business. In almost all cases, it is worth it. Other than a bit of extra paperwork, there are very few downsides.

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