Essential Corporate Video Production Tools For Marketers

Video content consumption is on the rise. Every social media site is prioritizing video at the moment. Over 10 billion videos are watched on Snapchat daily, while over 82% of Twitter users view video content on the site. YouTube in itself is bigger than ever before.

If you are not already leveraging the power of video in your marketing strategy, you are wasting many opportunities. To reach your audience, you need top-quality video content that resonates with them. Here are some of the essential corporate video production tools for marketers.

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Wirecast is the perfect corporate video production tool for making and sharing live streams. Whether you are hosting a live event, broadcast, or looking to educate your audience through video, Wirecast is all you need.

The tool comes with professional production and intuitive features that transform your computer into a television studio. It supports encoding to reach your audience wherever they are. The tool allows you to incorporate graphics, transition effects, and animated titles into your videos. The features make your video enticing for longer viewing hours.

Wirecast has both free and premium options.


Magisto is all about making corporate video production fast, easy and effective. It is a fully automated video editing tool powered by advanced AI algorithms. It chooses relevant parts of a video then merges them for a fully functional corporate video.

Once the tool has created a video, you can still enhance it by adding music of your choice and other filters for enhancements. The tool comes with various pricing options. The free option supports videos of around 1 – 15 minutes. For longer videos, you need premium options.

Magisto is compatible with any operating system; iOS, Windows, and Android.


Animaker is one of the most popular video editing tools in the business. Several big brands are using animation videos as part of their corporate video content. These videos need tools like Animaker for the best end product.

Animated videos are ideal for creating videos for showcasing your products or explained videos. You can also use such videos to show your website visitors understand what your business is all about.

Even though popular, not everyone understands how to create or edit animation videos. Animaker is your platform if you are among the several video producers. Animaker is a functional software that supports any business type. It is easy to use and supports various video-making styles.

You don’t need any previous animation video editing skills to work with the tool. The tool supports adding visual aids like charts, stats, and graphs. It comes with thousands of templates, design aids, characters, and icons for a beautiful corporate video.

Moreover, Animaker is time and money-saving. It has a free plan that allows unlimited video creation.


Animoto is an automated video editing tool with a wide range of customization and editing features. It allows you to pair your video clips with texts, filters, and music to match your theme.

Animoto sets itself apart from the competition by supporting the ability to choose a template depending on your specific goal. You can create videos that seek to attract an audience, educate customers, or tells your company story.

The tool allows you to preview the template to understand if it matches your goals. In addition, you also get to edit the colors and fonts to match your branding. Animoto allows extensive individual video editing. You can edit the background or layout and change the existing images. It also allows you to edit texts, voiceovers, timing, and audio.

While Animoto is not the cheapest video editing tool available, it is not too highly priced. Its various functionalities also make it a worthy investment.


Creating a quality video is not enough; you need your video to reach the target audience. That is where Promote comes in.

The tool is promotional video software that helps you reach more YouTube views. The platform allows you to create a campaign while it distributes your content through its wide range of networks of blogs, websites, apps, blogs, and social networks.

Promolta ensures you reach the right audience. It uses the relevant network depending on your industry and campaign goals.

Professional Corporate Video Producer

While the above video tools for marketers are functional, they are not so beginner-friendly. As a beginner, you need time to learn how to shoot videos then edit and distribute.

Save your time and money by working with established corporate video production. Experts like Vmation video production have a wide range of corporate video production solutions for every campaign.

The professionals have the expertise to deliver the best on your specific video marketing needs.

Bottom Line

Marketing is no longer creating posters or writing tons of content on a website. Instead, it is all about including video content on all your marketing content. Use the above tools for the best corporate video for your audience.

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