Establishing Brand Values That Give Your Company A Foundation For Growth

Do you know that by sharing your values, you build trust with your customers? And, according to the survey, 81% of consumers said that they would buy from the company in case they trust the brand.

This article will share what the brand values are, what common values exist, and how to get started. That makes establishing brand values crucial for your company’s growth. Let’s find out what it is and how to get started.

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What Are Brand Values?

Сore values are ideals that guide companies on making decisions, driving the brands’ external connection and internal culture. They are directives for your company and help you to communicate your brand to your audience so that your customers get a more memorable, consistent, and meaningful experience.

How To Get Started?

Get ready; there is a lot of work to do and questions to answer. First and foremost, you need to identify the behaviors you most like to see your workers perform every day. After that, you need to understand what kind of company you are: built on hard work, or, maybe, collaboration, determination, etc.? What kind of atmosphere do you value quirky, fun, focused?

You should answer these questions along with the next ones:

  • Who drives the team to do more for the company? Why does he/she stand out from others?
  • What do you love about your company?
  • What behaviors inspire you?
  • What differentiates the brand from the competitors?
  • How would you describe your company culture at the moment?

Not only you should answer these and alike questions. Yes, it’s time to talk with your team too. Herewith, interview your workers and make notes to see the real picture of how your team works and what the employees think about the company at all. Use the answers and results to shape your core values.

Here is a list of the most common brand values:

  1. Integrity;
  2. Boldness;
  3. Honesty;
  4. Trust;
  5. Accountability;
  6. Commitment to customers;
  7. Passion;
  8. Fun;
  9. Humility;
  10. Continuous Learning;
  11. Ownership;
  12. Constant Improvement;
  13. Leadership;
  14. Diversity;
  15. Innovation;
  16. Quality;
  17. Teamwork;
  18. Simplicity.

Being common brand values, it doesn’t mean that the list is holistic. Remember that you need to define and identify those core values that fit your company and reflect your brand identity. So, just understand your brand and write a list of your own.

What Should Your Brand Values Be?

Here is a guide that should help you to create strong brand values no matter your business kind and size. Keeping them in mind, it will be much easier for you to find the right words to describe your company.


You and your team should remember your values without a need to read them. Make them important and genuine. Let your workers and customers know them by adding the values to your ads, posts, emails, etc. Create different visuals like mood boards to make them eye-catching and more memorable using a mood board maker.

Today, there are a lot of services and tools to do that. For example, Crello offers you millions of images, professional design templates, thousands of tracks to add music to picture, along with dozens of tools for customization of any piece of content. Using it, you can create and design something extraordinary and eye-catching to visualize your brand values.

Besides, you can use that not only for your workers but for the marketing campaigns. Creating a design, make sure to use the colors of your brand to support your company identity. Yes, remember that the color increases brand recognition by up to 80%.


Don’t copy but create something unique. It’s your brand values to position the company in the mind of your clients/users/customers. What’s more, that’s what helps you to stand out from the competitors. Bear in mind the fact that the users prefer brands whose values align with their own. So, it’s crucial to know your audience and speak to them.


Push your values through in everything you do. Put them on the website, posters, billboards, social media posts, blog articles, and so on but don’t forget to stick to them and follow them always.


In case your core values are meaningless, then it’s more likely than not that you won’t follow them, and they won’t be unique, memorable, and on and on. So, what’s the point of such values at all? Your brand values must resonate with customers, workers, and just people.

Clear And Defined

Your values are the foundation of your organization and business at all. So, if you can’t say what your values are without a note, then they are not clear enough. Keep in mind that your brand values should be present in everything your company does.


Certainly, everything changes. Thus, if you decide to rebrand your company and change it entirely, then the values can be changed as well. However, it’s better to make your values so that they should never expire, go out of date, and so on.


Don’t pretend. The best way is to tell your story, your work, your truth. By doing so, you build loyalty with your customers and keep them.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what the core brand values are and why they are essential for your company. Developing your brand core values, remember that the best ones are based on what your company does every day, how you treat your workers and customers, what helps you to stand out from the competitors, and so on. Just get an honest talk with you and your team to identify your core values and represent them to let the world know you know them.

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