Finding The Perfect Venue For Your Conference

When planning for a conference, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, but the venue is, with little to no debate, the most important. This factor can make attendees decide if they will attend your conference.

Services like Venue Finder are making it easy for event planners and organisers to find venues close to them and accessible to them. But how do you know if a conference centre or hall will be the perfect one for you?

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If, for instance, you want to have a conference in Bristol, and you google conference venue Bristol, you will find links to lists, but you have extra work to do in choosing the venue that will make those attending the conference, especially those from outside Bristol, easily locate it.

Here are some things you should find out about the venue.


Is it located in a popular street or is the location unknown to many? How easy is it to find and get to the place? You may want your event to take place where people, especially visitors, won’t have a hard time locating it.


Most events are planned with an idea of the expected number of attendees in mind. You definitely don’t want your audience to stand or sit outside the hall because there isn’t enough space left for them. Having a little number in a huge hall is also a bad idea. However it goes, your audience should be directed to a centre that can accommodate them throughout the conference.

Access To Food

During conferences, people feel the need to have a bite to eat. Are there food stations, restaurants, or eateries around the venue? If no, you may want to change the venue or make provision for the supply of a variety of food.


If you expect people from outside your location, then your conference venue should have hotels around it so guests won’t have a hard time driving a long distance to the venue after already doing something similar when coming into town.

Interior Decoration And Comfort

You should not forget to check the decoration in the halls to know if you can go on with them or if they are in need of change. Find out how comfortable the seats are and how flexible the temperature can be.


One thing you also don’t want is to go into debt because you’re hosting a conference. You should go for a conference hall that you can afford. Going home not carrying the burden of debt gives you peace of mind.


Find out if the event centre has a parking space and how large it is. It could be very embarrassing to have your guests pay for a parking space or have to park their vehicles in a place they feel is risky.


Talking about microphones, lights, and speakers, you should find out if the venue has all you need for lighting and sound, and if there are extra charges for using them. The tips to finding a perfect venue for your event will be a long one if every single factor is to be mentioned. A lot of events are successes with these few tips listed above, and if you let them guide you, you will thank this page.

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