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Nowadays, an important term in popular speech is ‘sustainability,’ and this just applies to dried flowers. These flowers are dried flowers that do not wilt and can be left standing for a very long time. This is much more sustainable than buying a bunch of fresh flowers from the market every week, which in many cases have flown in from other parts of the world, which causes a lot of air pollution.

For the environmentally-conscious citizens among us, dried flowers are the ideal solution. They are not only durable but also very nice in your interior. Because most dried flowers contain neutral shades, they can be used in almost any interior.

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Where Do You Buy Dried Flowers?

Dried flowers are available in many flower shops, online shops but also interior design stores. Because dried flowers fit into many categories, they are also available in different places, which can be extremely useful. The price of a dried flower bouquet differs a lot in what you are looking for. For example, plumes easily cost 3 to 4 euros each, but you can order a small bouquet with different dried flowers for 17 to 20 euros.

So it completely depends on the size of the bouquet, dimensions of the flowers and how much you would like in a vase. In general, a bouquet of dried flowers is a lot more expensive than fresh flowers, because of course a processing process has preceded it. However, because the flowers last longer, it is cheaper in the long run than buying a new bunch of flowers every week / two weeks.

Do You Want To Make Your Own Dried Flowers?

Because dried flowers have a high price tag, it can be beneficial to make dried flowers yourself. This can be done in various ways:

  • The first method is to hang the flowers to dry. You do this by removing the excess leaf so that the stem will not break there. Then you attach a string to the end of the handle so that you can hang it upside down. Then hang the flowers in a warm, dry and dark place so that the drying process is accelerated. This process takes 1 to 8 weeks until the flowers start to feel crunchy.
  • The second method is to use dry rice. You take a sealable container and fill the container to 5 centimeters with dry rice. You prick the cut flowers in this and sprinkle some more rice around it so that they are just covered. The rice absorbs the moisture that is in the flowers, making them dry faster. This process only takes a few days. There are also special gel balls that adsorb and absorb the moisture from the flowers. You can also find this silicone gel in diapers, or in those bags in shoes to prevent them from getting damp.

The Shelf Life Of Dried Flowers

The shelf life of dried flowers can be up to several months or even three quarters of a year. However, this depends entirely on where you put them. Dried flowers will last longer if you put them in a place where the humidity is not too high (to prevent mold) and they are not in full sun (to prevent discoloration), the living room or bedroom is generally a suitable place. In principle, dried flowers can remain beautiful for a whole season if you take good care of them. Flowers birthday are a great gift because they have a long shelf life and you don’t need to give them daily water.

Tip: By spraying some hairspray over the flowers, the shape of the flowers can be retained longer, so that they also remain beautiful for longer.

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