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Selling on Amazon has become more competitive than ever before. This is why Amazon sellers need to find new strategies to help them stand out amidst the competition. FBA tools are designed to help with this. From product research to automating some of your sales processes, these FBA toolkits offer a range of functions to Amazon sellers. One of these amazing free Amazon seller tools is the IO Scout Sales Estimator.

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What Is An Amazon Sales Estimator?

Considering the increased level of competition with selling on Amazon, it is crucial to pay more attention to your sales performance on the platform as a seller. Not only would this give the needed insights to make the best decisions for your Amazon business, but it also helps you strategize on how to grow your sales performance by setting achievable targets. With the right Amazon sales estimator, you can get necessary insights on the needed sales volume required to achieve certain BSR.

Sales estimators also give you access to historical data that can serve as guides in making sales projections and estimations. However, it is also essential to choose a suitable sales estimator when looking out for an Amazon sales estimator.

What Is IO Scout?

IO Scout is a software toolkit for Amazon sellers that offer a range of valuable functions. One of these tools is the IO Scout Amazon sales estimator. This tool is provided by IO Scout to help sellers estimate the number of monthly sales in a specific category based on the sales rank of the product (BSR). This is why it is also referred to as an Amazon best sellers rank calculator.

However, it is essential to note that the sales volume of each rank differs in different categories. The tool also allows you to track down niches and categories that have the best sales potential. The fantastic part about this is that this tool is available to Amazon sellers for free using IO Scout.

IO Scout also offers Amazon sellers a number of other functions e.g., Product Finders, Product Trackers, FBA Calculator, and even a Google Chrome extension. This makes it a fantastic tool for all types of selling on Amazon; retail arbitrage, dropshipping, and even Private Labels.

Why You Need A Sales Estimator As An Amazon Seller?

As earlier mentioned, the competition on Amazon makes it essential for sellers to have the right tools within their reach. IO Scout sales estimator helps you gain insights on what your competitors are doing, make sales predictions and estimations when launching your products. IO Scout Sales Estimator helps you, as an amazon seller, discover profitable categories by providing sales insights on the performance of a sale in each category.

The sales estimator helps calculate the BSR required for you to achieve your sales targets. All you need to do is use the BSR estimator tab of the IO Scout sales estimator for this. This would give you the necessary information on the BSR to achieve your business goals.

How To Use IO Scout Sales Estimator?

IO Scout offers a range of functions. However, to use the software too to make software estimation, follow these steps;

  • Select Amazon product category
  • Input the sales rank of the product
  • Click the “Calculate Sales” button

You would get the necessary results on the sales estimator within a few seconds. IO Scout would also show the products that match your request on the Amazon sales rank estimator.

If you would like to switch the sales rank and category, just change the category and BSR and click the “Calculate sales for another category” option. You can also follow these steps if you would like to calculate the BSR required, you only have to click on the “BSR estimator” tab:

Why Choose IO Scout Sales Estimator?

There are several Amazon sales estimator tools available online. However, there are some more popular than others like Jungle Scout and some others. However, here are a few reasons you might want to consider the IO Scout sales estimator ahead of the others.

IO Scout Is Comparatively Cheaper

Considering the rates offered by most other Amazon FBA toolkits, IO Scout currently offers one of the cheapest options available with a number of its functions available to sellers for free. Apart from these, unlike some other FBA toolkits, IO Scout also allows users to access its webinars and trainings for free.

Without a doubt, this comparative affordability makes IO Scout a preferred option for a lot of Amazon sellers.

All-In-One Tool Box

As earlier mentioned, IO Scout also offers users an all-in-one toolbox designed to help sellers stand out amidst competition and achieve their business goals conveniently. The implication of this is that with IO Scout, you get all the tools you need to succeed as an Amazon seller, all in one spot and at an affordable cost.

The IO Scout Personal Assistant

IO Scout also offers its users a personal assistant feature that doubles as an Amazon business consultant. This personal assistant is available 24/7 and helps sellers gain relevant insight into strategies to help them achieve their set business targets. This personal assistant can also help with other inquiries you might have about selling on Amazon from how to create pages, how to buy ads, and even strategies to boost your sales.

This personal assistant feature is an amazing feature and is definitely an edge you get using IO Scout compared to other FBA toolkits.

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