From Beginner To Pro With Crypto Trading Simulators

The crypto popularity is what has people excited. More and more of them are looking to become crypto traders and you can see that the number of people at online exchanges increasing. Thanks to the many benefits they bring they get a lot of attention so it’s no surprise that you’re looking to trade virtual currencies.

Chances are you might be new to this. And like any newbie in the business, you have no idea where to start. Sure you’ll need to learn about crypto trading if you’re looking to experience some of the benefits. The profit potential is one benefit that gets the attention of many and it may be your reason for getting into crypto trading.

You can start learning how to trade by doing some trading on your own. Or you can go for a trading simulator that will teach you the basics of crypto trading. They will focus on different aspects and different virtual currencies, but they will offer proper training.

Also, it’s important to know that there are several trading simulators available online. So, picking one out might be a tough choice. If you don’t know where to start, then here are some suggestions.

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Spark Profit

Having a rough idea about where the value of the asset is going to go is crucial as a crypto trader. Spark Profit teaches you this skill and you’ll get to practice it with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum in a virtual market. Moreover, you’ll get points for correct predictions and lose points for wrong ones. But you don’t need to learn this or any other skill to make it as a crypto trader. You can go for an alternative solution in the form of a trading platform like Bitcoin Trader. Any Bitcoin Trader app review will show you why it has so many clients.

This being a platform means that you’ll need to get familiar with it before you start using it. As a result of this, you’ll need to create an account with the platform. Then you’ll need to make a small deposit because you’ll need some money to trade with. Then it’s off to the tutorials and getting familiar with the platform’s settings and how you can adjust them. You’ll be provided with a demo account as well. After some training, you’ll be able to go for a live session and then you’ll take on the real world of crypto trading.

Altcoin Fantasy

Predicting the value fluctuations is important, but you should start trading with just this skill. You’ll need to learn how to buy and sell assets as these are the essentials for any crypto trader. Altcoin Fantasy can help you with that and it will provide you with a virtual market to practice in. Also, it will teach you another important skill called market analysis.

Furthermore, this app provides you with contests that let you improve your skills to perfection. If you happen to win one then you’ll be rewarded with a specific amount of your preferred virtual currency. And you can easily enter the world of crypto trading afterward.


This is another simulator that focuses on the buying and selling skills of crypto trading. You’ll also get a virtual market to train in and the popular virtual currencies. After some training, you’ll be able to confidently enter an online exchange and start trading.


The skills will help you become an excellent trader. But you’ll need to cover certain bases yourself. For instance, you’ll need to go for an exchange out of the several exchanges online. You’ll also need to focus on one virtual currency, so choose wisely. Getting the right wallet is also an important aspect of trading. With all these bases covered you’ll be a competent trader in no time.

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