Gamified Testing Is Here – Are You Ready?

Major companies like Revelian, Procter and Gamble, Morgan Stanley, and Deloitte (among others) are increasingly turning towards gamified testing. This allows them to streamline testing, diversify data points, and decrease dropout rates. While gamified testing includes fun elements like levels, badges, and rewards, it is important not to confuse it with other gimmicky “game-based pre-assessments.”

Keep in mind that gamified tests are just as valid, reliable, and difficult as standard traditional psychometric tests, and therefore, preparation is just as critical.

To better understand how gamified works, we are going to look at:

  1. How gamified testing differs from traditional ones
  2. Look at examples from Revelian and Aon (cut-e.). For instance, click here to learn more about the P&G online assessment gamified integration.
  3. Some tips to help you get ready.

You ready? Let’s go!

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How Gamified Testing Differs From Traditional Ones

Before we get to our examples, here are a few key ways gamified testing differs from traditional Psychometric ones.

Behavioral Traits:

  • Gamified – Dynamic and timed questions are used to assess response time, patterns of behavior, and risk-taking.
  • Traditional – Timed and predetermined questions are used to calculate speed and accuracy.

Data and Analysis:

  • Gamified – Uses AI for pattern recognition, data analysis, and predictive algorithms on thousands of data points.
  • Traditional – Limited data points based on a rigid list.


  • Gamified – Engaging test interface which lowers anxiety and creates a “game feel.”
  • Traditional – Timed old school testing.

Examples from Revelian And Aon (cut-e.)

Now that you have a brief understanding of what makes the gamified experience unique, lets now look at some examples.

Revelian’s Gamified Assessments

Let’s start with Revelian’s Gamified Assessments by looking at the Emotify test.

What is the purpose of the test? The test aims to understand your emotional stability, communication level, and problem-solving abilities (among other metrics.) However, unlike a standard SJT, where you are asked to rank the importance of emotions, Emotify uses two mini-assessments to bridge the gap between the emotion and the situation that causes it.

  1. Matching Faces – After being presented with different faces, you will then be asked to study and match the facial expressions to the most appropriate emotion.
  2. Emotional Ties – After reading passages on everyday occurrences, the test will ask you to predict the different emotional outcomes that can come about from those situations.

While there technically is no pass or fail, you are being judged on how you relate to the position at hand. From healthcare to HR, customer support to sales, managers, and novice employers alike is a test used across the board. As such, you should prepare for the test.

Aon (cut-e) smartPredict Assessment

Ok, so the Revelian gamified test sounds pretty easy, right? So, it’s time to up the ante! smartPredict by AON (formerly cut-e) has a number of pretty tough gamified test segments including: switchChallenge, gridChallenge, digitChallenge, and motionChallenge. As you can imagine, these are not going to be your average video games, so you will need the right tools to prepare.

While we cannot cover each of the Aon gamified tests in this article in depth, we will provide a very brief overview of each section to help you gain a basic understanding.

switchChallenge (AKA cut-e Scales sx)

What is the purpose of the test? This is a deductive-logical reasoning test, which uses a four-digit operator to change the order of abstract figures. The segment comprises several levels, with each question consisting of 2-3 rows of symbols. Within a strict 3–6-minute time limit, you will have to choose the correct four-digit operator that made the change in the order of the symbols.

Note: This is not an easy section, and the difficulty level rises as you progress, so it is definitely worthwhile to prepare.


Are you ready for some math? Well, if your answer was no, then you are in luck. This section is based on only three of the four operations, including addition, subtraction, and multiplication. However, unlike what you remember from your school days, instead of answering a question, you will have to question the answer. Ok, well, maybe I made it a bit more confusing than it had to be.

Simply put, you will receive an answer and have to figure out its question.

Example: ____+____=23

While these questions are easy, you have a clock to beat, which causes undue stress and errors. You want to make sure to use practice drills that use precise formatting and time constraint.


Are you a planner who uses clear and methodological thinking? Well, after the motionChallenge, you will know if you have what it takes.

This game is a little bit like golf, except that you have to move obstacles out of the way to get the hole in one! However, there is one catch! You have to clear a path for the red ball to get into the black hole by only moving the absolute minimum of bars, which is easier said than done!

Tip: As you practice, try taking notes on the number of moves needed to get the ball into the hole while working sufficiently against the clock.

Tips To Help You Prep

  1. Even before applying for the job, understand what type of gamified test will be administered. This will give you a head start.
  2. Practice makes perfect! When choosing a preparation guide, make sure that it is accurate in terms of content and the time frame.
  3. When preparing for the test, truly understanding what is being measured and how it relates to you and the job you are applying for.
  4. Use a laptop or desktop while avoiding smartphones, making the tasks harder to complete.
  5. Practice as much in advance as you can, and do not wait until the evening to practice. Practice tests can take over an hour, and a kickoff late practice will only harm your efforts!

Are you ready to start practicing? Good Luck!

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