Get Rich Quick? – Points You Need To Know Before Getting Into Bitcoin

Developed in 2009, bitcoin is the most popular and widely used virtual currency in the crypto market. This digital money is nothing but a computer program that allows the user to exchange these coins directly with other users. For the security of transactions, the bitcoin network mainly counts on encryption and cryptography. Bitcoin mining is best started using the Bitcoin Revolution app.

You can consider cryptocurrency of bitcoin as an alternative mode of payment. Do you know that bitcoin is the first digital money in the world that promoted peer to peer electronic cash system? Well, get ready for some more of such facts about bitcoin.

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Functioning Of Bitcoins – How Does Bitcoin Work?

Well, the bitcoin transaction takes the help of the blockchain technology. Once the bitcoin transaction is done, the transaction details will be recorded in the public ledger in form of some numerical codes. The working mechanism of bitcoin is totally independent of any type of centralized control. While learning about the bitcoin mechanism, you should read about bitcoin mining too.

In this process, the bitcoin is extracted when the bitcoin miners get to solve challenging mathematical puzzles. Whenever they end up solving this puzzle, it is called that one block has been mined. As a reward of mining, the miners get to enjoy a bitcoin. After investing in bitcoin, to hold this crypto commodity for a long time you need to get a crypto wallet of your own.

Here are some important facts you need to learn about bitcoin before you start making money with crypto investment. So, read on.

  • First and foremost, you need to note that the smallest unit of bitcoin is called Satoshi. According to the value analysis, one dollar is equivalent to 15,800 Satoshi’s.
  • If you are into crypto investment, you will be provided with a private key or bitcoin address which is your unique identification in the crypto world. Losing private key will lead to losing all the Bitcoins.
  • Do you know that bitcoin is the official currency of a micro nation named Liberland? The government of that country has faith on blockchain technology due to its exceptional security and transparency in case of keeping track of the electronic and financial assets of people.
  • For bitcoin mining, you will be needing a good server which will help you to process your data and add the blocks to the blockchain.
  • There are a few countries such as Canada, the United States of America, El Salvador et cetera have accepted this particular crypto currency wholeheartedly. But there are countries like Iran, Thailand and so on which have asked their citizens to be careful with the bitcoin investment as the government do not accept bitcoin as a legal tender yet.
  • There is an upper ceiling for the total number of bitcoins which will ever exist in the market. As per the financial reports, there are a total of 21 million bitcoins. So far, around 19 million bitcoins are in circulation. Due to these limited number of bitcoins, the value of the bitcoin will keep on increasing with time as the demand for bitcoin grows among the investors.
  • As per the financial experts, Bitcoin is known to be much faster than even the world’s fastest supercomputer. Bitcoin network is reportedly to have a processing power of a speed of 80,704,290 petaflops.
  • According to the report, so far around 600+ million bitcoin transactions have taken place since its first appearance in the market in 2009.
  • The last bitcoin mining will take place in the year of 2140. It is estimated that to produce the rest of the bitcoins, it will take around 120 years.
  • Bitcoin can be used like regular cash and you can pay to your merchant with the help of bitcoin.


Now that, you have a sound knowledge on different aspects of bitcoin, it’s time to start investing. These crypto investing websites will guide you in your bitcoin investment journey. All you have to do is sign up or login in these bitcoin trading websites.

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