How To Create A Twitter Resume & Apply For A Job On Twitter

I wrote an article earlier today about how lying on resumes is an epidemic. Almost everyone lies about something, whether it’s a tiny date or something larger like fake skills. Perhaps that’s the reason why most companies use social media as part of their recruiting process. Social media is a more transparent representation of a person than an old-fashioned resume, which may or may not be truthful. There is now a service which will help you find and apply for a job on Twitter. What a much needed update to the old process.

The service is called Gozaik, and it uses a complex algorithm to help you not only find a job on Twitter, but also apply for those jobs right on Twitter by using their online Gozaik resume. It works very similar to when you send someone a link to your LinkedIn profile.

The part of the Gozaik service that involves the resume is quite intriguing. It allows users to upload an introductory video, which gives people the chance to express themselves in a much more enhanced way than most other online resume services. You can see what a finished resume looks like below. It’s basically a video and then a series of tiles that each contain relevant information, which is all put together in a very nice visual way.

Once your resume is complete, you’ll be able to use the service to find a job on Twitter and send your resume via a tweet. This could be the way job seekers can stand out from the crowd. Not only will you be able to showcase your talents in a more comprehensive way, you’ll also be able to show your potential employer that you are up on the latest in resume technology, and you know how to effectively use Twitter to network. Brilliant!

Apply For A Job On Twitter



Via: [Business Insider] Header Image Credit: [iStockphoto]