The Growth Of Bitcoin Usage In Gaming

Bitcoin has come a long way since being introduced to the market in 2007. What was once considered the currency of criminals has now entered the mainstream and everyone is using Bitcoin for all kinds of goods and services, including online gaming. Many online gaming outlets are adopting Bitcoin payments, allowing customers to safely and discreetly deposit and withdraw money into/from accounts.

Bitcoin Causes A Scene In Online Gaming

The online gaming industry has proven to be a lucrative one for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is becoming a stronger presence and the Bitcoin gaming market is becoming more prominent as technology continues to advance. The Bitcoin online casino list continues to grow, with the number of gaming outlets adopting Bitcoin growing by the second. Some believe that Bitcoin will remain a part of online gaming even if it fails to achieve true mainstream success and it’s not hard to see why given that everyone benefits from the cryptocurrency.

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Why Operators Are Adopting Bitcoin

What makes Bitcoin so unique is the technology powering it. This is also what makes it an ideal choice for everyone across the online gaming industry including affiliates, operators, and players. Here are the main reasons why operators are (or should) adopt Bitcoin payments:

  1. It’s easier to start a Bitcoin gaming business than it is to start a regular gaming establishment which comes with plenty of demands on time and money for potentially little gain in an oversaturated market.
  2. There are no transaction fees. Operators are able to provide better odds and potentially higher payouts without having to worry about hefty fees when using Bitcoin.
  3. Bitcoin expands the market reach of any operator that uses it as everyone is able to use the cryptocurrency wherever they want, provided they have access to the internet, which they will need to even game online in the first place. One thing to keep in mind is that certain laws and regulations could prevent access to certain Bitcoin gaming establishments.
  4. Bitcoin payments are generally non-returnable so you never have to worry about chargebacks. Chargebacks are the bane of any online gaming provider, so not having to worry about them will be a real blessing. Deposits and withdrawals made through Bitcoin are considered final, and Bitcoin offers new ways to fight the problem of fraud.
  5. The great thing about starting a Bitcoin gaming operation is that there’s no need for a gambling license. While Spain has legalized Bitcoin gaming for their gaming sites and asked them to apply for licenses, Bitcoin has yet to be officially considered a currency in the US which means you don’t need a license for people to use it for online gaming.

Bitcoin Gaming Continues To Grow

It’s expected that Bitcoin gaming will only continue to grow in the future. Bitcoin is going from strength to strength and Bitcoin gaming is one reason for this. There are plenty of reasons for an operator to take advantage of Bitcoin and there are practically no reasons to not adopt the cryptocurrency.

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