Things To Consider Before Hiring An Offshore Software Development Partner

The software development market has grown so much that finding the right partner has become a tough affair. Offshoring an IT resource means that a company assigns the software development task to an overseas country.

Currently, there are hundreds of companies offering offshore software development resources. Outsourcing has become a solution to numerous businesses with limited budgets.

Put your prospective partners to test in order to analyze their level of expertise. Ask them questions that can help you capture their unique strengths. Some of the inquiries to make include:

  • Are they capable of delivering what you require?
  • What approach they will use in the software development process
  • Ask about their previous experience with customers seeking similar resources
  • How they deal with risks that threaten the project
  • What strengths give them an advantage over their competitors
  • Most importantly, find out what value you will get for your money

At Fayrix, we meet all the above criteria as we are capable of delivering exactly what you expect. We have vast experience in the software development so you are guaranteed to get value for your money.

In order to make an informed decision on whether or not you should outsource, have a look at the pros and cons outlined below.

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Pros Of Offshore Software Development

1. Expertise

The firms providing software development resources have worked on similar previous projects and are therefore familiar with your entire software requirements.

You can also access the firm’s history, on their websites, of all the projects that they have worked on.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Offshoring software development will rid you the need to hire in-house personnel to work on your project. Getting an in-house team is really expensive yet they may not be able to deliver in terms of quality compared to offshore technicians.

You can get affordable offshore services from countries like Israel, India, Ukraine or Vietnam where there is an abundance of coders and software developers.

3. Reliability

Offshore companies mainly rely on legally binding contracts. In these contracts, you will find regulations for the project’s warranty, mutual benefits, and agreements. The contracts ensure that the rights of both parties are protected.

Cons Of Offshore Software Development

1. Cultural And Time Differences

Different companies in different countries have different work ethics. The difference in time zones can be a challenge when it comes to setting up meetings. Ultimately, this leads to poor communication.

2. Quality Delivered

Most offshoring companies offer greatly reduced costs for their services. These low could be an indicator that the companies do not have the skills or may not be very committed to the project.

To avoid receiving poorly executed projects, I would recommend that you dig deep into their portfolios to gather more information.

3. Data Security Issues

If you are outsourcing you need to safeguard any sensitive about your company. A signed contract does not guarantee safety for your confidential data.

4. Lost Control Over Your Businesses’ Processes

When a company outsources its IT resources, there are risks of losing the ability to control important business functions. This might make the company to be dependent on the developer.


A company that wants to outsource should carefully analyze the pros and cons of offshoring software development. This will go a long way in helping them to find competent partners. If eventually decided, it is important to select the best price to quality ratio for the offered offshore service, as well as get legally protected. Israel is one of the best option on the market these days. This country has become a startup nation with a number of shining IT star companies such as Fayrix, with high-quality services are affordable pricing.

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