How Apps Help You Learn Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin’s profit potential is what seems to get the attention of many these days, but this currency is famous for far more than that. It’s a new kind of currency, a virtual currency that changes the way we see money. It has its benefits which is why you might be looking to start using it.

Besides the profit potential, you’re the only person that has access to your assets since they require a username and a password in the form of a private key. A public key is required for transactions and you can use Bitcoin to buy stuff, swap it for fiat currencies, or other virtual currencies.

Trading is something that’s a bit complex since you’ll need to make a lot of important decisions in all kinds of situations. This means that a little bit of practice can go a long way. But how do you practice Bitcoin trading? Is such a thing even possible?

Thanks to the gaming industry there are several Bitcoin games available on the market. Some of them are trading card games while others are matching games. Among them, there are also titles that are trading simulation apps which can come in handy if you want some practice with Bitcoin trading.

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Bitcoin Hero

When you see the name of this game you already know what to expect. Since Bitcoin Hero is a simulator then you’ll be getting a virtual market with assets that have real prices. Also, you’ll be given some tools that you can analyze the market with and you’ll learn the skills on how to handle the competition. All in all, Bitcoin Hero will give you the proper training that you need to start Bitcoin trading.

However, if it still seems too risky, then you can rely on a trading platform like Bitcoin Code App. This platform will trade for you thanks to its advanced algorithm. Just make an account and a small deposit to get started. Once that’s done, you can start learning how to use the platform by going over the many tutorials and a demo lesson. When you’re set with the settings and familiar with how the platform works then you can use it to trade. What follows is a live session that will serve as a test for the platform and your knowledge of it.

Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is another simulator that can come in handy. Unlike Bitcoin Hero, it focuses on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well. Similar to the previous entry, you get the virtual market, the assets with real prices, and some competition in the form of the other players/users. This way you’ll know how to handle various situations and will have a solid foundation of skills.

On top of that, you can participate in several competitions that the app offers. These are competitions for skilled traders and if you happen to win, then you’ll get a specific amount of Bitcoin or any other crypto transferred to your account. That’s why it’s handy to have Altcoin Fantasy on your mobile device.


These are some of the apps you’ll come across when you’re looking for some Bitcoin trading practice apps. Don’t forget to cover other aspects of Bitcoin trading such as picking out a wallet. Yes, you’ll come across plenty of them online, but do some research before you stick to one.

See what the users are saying and also see what kind of security measures the wallet offers. Finally, see if the wallet suits your needs. If the wallet covers all these areas then you’ve got yourself a great Bitcoin wallet. That kind of wallet and your skillset will make you a formidable trader.

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