How To Become An Independent Distributor

An independent distributor works as an in-between for sellers and buyers. This usually occurs on a business level, so most independent distributors will deliver the products made by manufacturers. If you want to become an independent distributor, then you should look over these points.

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What Independent Distributors Need

As an independent distributor, you require three main resources to operate: workers, resources, and connections. Workers depend on the scale of your business: do you plan to hire workers or do it on your own? This will determine your own workload and other aspects of your business since you can only cover so much distance at once.

As for resources, you need to find some equipment to help you distribute. This includes lifts, trailers, and similar tools, so get everything that you need. For connections, you need to build up relationships with other businesses so that they trust you to handle their distributions.

Making Things Easier

You can simplify the process for yourself as you higher other workers when you plan to expand your business. Many businesses need you to drive across the country, so if your business grows, you will need more drivers. Make sure you have enough people to cover the workload.

On top of this, you will need to purchase different trailers to move the products. If you want to find good trailers for the job, then keep your eyes open on any trailers for sale so that you either rent or purchase one to transport the products. Hales Trailer states, “If you’re moving the same type of freight frequently, you’ll want to factor that in, as purchasing a trailer for regular use may be a better long-term investment.” In other words, if you’re going to be moving products on a regular basis, buying a trailer might be your best bet long-term.

Relationships With Suppliers

As an independent distributor, you are the one that needs to develop relationships with suppliers. While you do perform deliveries, your business receives its clients through suppliers. Because of this, you need to expand your network and meet other suppliers so that you can get more job opportunities.

Spend some time reaching out to suppliers and then do your best to forge relationships with them. As you do so, keep the process as smooth as possible and transport their goods. You should do your best to leave good impressions so that they wil hire you for future jobs.

Stay Updated On The Industry

Remember that industries constantly change and evolve as time passes. Always do your best to look over the distribution industry to see if you need new tools or transportation options. As you do so, you can take advantage of new trends and developments available.

Do your own research and pay attention to current changes and anything coming up in the future. Doing so will allow you to implement those changes as needed while looking out for others. Always keep yourself updated so that you don’t lose the opportunity to make the most out of your business.


While it may seem intimidating to become an independent distributor, you can use these ideas to guide you through the process. Make sure that you find yourself a good trailer, build up your connections, and prepare to make money as you distribute products.

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