How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Startup

A domain name for your startup is something that should be taken very seriously. It is a front door for those who will be entering your company name in the search engine to find for your startup. It is preferable to choose an appropriate business name before going for a domain name.

There are many ideas to go with when it comes to having a domain name. But keeping it minimal yet impactful is something which helps in gaining traction and maximum impressions. Having the right domain name might seem like a small thing in a massive scheme of things to do for your startup.

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But it is relatively important for your business to at least reach amongst the masses. While you are researching and brainstorming about your startup domain name, you need to be well planned. Stick with your plan and go about obtaining feedback on the same. Most importantly, the laser focus should be on how the name sounds and looks like.

These are the two elementary characteristics based on which your name will open doors for success. Having a domain name for your startup is an easy task, provided you are settled with your business name and have a lucid clue about the URL that you want. It can be equally challenging if you have no confidence in your business name and are quite perplexed. Here are some ways as to how to choose a domain name for your start-up business.

1. Establish A Connection Between Your Domain And Business Name

Adhering to this point will help you in coming up with a domain name that is relatable to your audiences. It is essential to realize that your startup is not as popular as Uber or some other unicorn that you would go with a simple domain name such as

As the starting point, your domain name should definitely reflect and amplify your business name through it. This is how people will easily remember and connect with your name. Acronyms are suggested not to be added in the domain name.

For example, logistics should not be replaced with a log. However, if they are some universally known and accepted shortened words such as tech for technology, then it’s completely fine. For this, you can avail a .tech domain which speaks clearly about your business and is easily understood by the public as well.

2. Generate The Domain Name With Business Name Generators

The business name generators are proving to be a powerful medium of kick-starting a business. The choices of the name that the generator provides are specific to what you want and are in accordance with the latest trends, rules, and policies.

The only thing that you have to take efforts for is to land on the site and type the desired name idea. Though the website is for generating the business name, furthermore, it also provides you with a proper domain name. You can choose any domain from a multitude of options available and register on the spot with a minimum charge of price.

3. Extend A Worthy Extension

Keep three to four extensions in mind to choose from. And think for each one of those if they are worthy. Worthy here would be defined as something which brings in value to the start-up even after a few years with an increase in traction and the value.

For example, if you have a technology start-up and you have decided your niche that you would be working on in the coming five to ten years, then it is suggested to opt for the .tech domain. This domain is a purposeful name for your type of business and is clearly comprehended by your customers.

You can even opt for other new domains such as .online if your business is not from a specific niche. So remember, use a good business name generator or one of the many domain name generators out there, zero down a few options, test your name, and register it on a domain name of your choice. Happy naming to you!

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