How Cloud Computing Services Could Transform Your Firm’s Productivity

There is little doubt the tremendous benefits and advantages computers (and in particular the internet) have brought to modern business. From simple email communications to websites and emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), technology has transformed how and where firms have been able to operate in recent years.

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The Growth Of Cloud Services

As the ongoing digitization of business continues, many companies are increasingly entrusting their IT and digital services to cloud computing providers to help streamline costs, improve efficiency and increase agility in responding to our ever-changing world.

If your firm has not already explored the potential benefits of moving to the cloud, below are listed just a few reasons why you should seriously consider enlisting the services of a cloud service provider.

Cloud Services Offer Improved Security

Industry experts suggest data is now the world’s most valuable commodity – far outstripping the value of traditional heavyweights like gold or oil. In truth, most companies rely on their corporate data to operate these days and problems like hacking, power outages or data loss can severely impair or even close a firm.

By choosing to outsource your company’s data to a cloud provider, you will vastly improve the security of your network. Cloud providers use advanced technologies like SASE Security systems to limit account access and mitigate potential threats, increasing the safety of the information you store with them.

Moreover, the technical teams employed by cloud firms feature best-in-business cybersecurity professionals with the ability to identify, isolate and eliminate potential security problems or backdoor issues before problems even have the chance to occur.

Cloud Services Provide Scalability And Flexibility

No business stands still and it is highly likely that your IT requirements last year (or even last month) are considerably different from what they are today. With rapidly changing business landscapes comes a need for improved responsiveness and the ability to react quickly.

With a traditional IT network, changes to requirements caused a constant headache – both from a technical and financial viewpoint. However, with a cloud services partner, making updates to your service provision is as simple as sending an email or calling your support department. Indeed, many cloud services even include back-end control panels, allowing clients to upgrade or downscale services in seconds.

Cloud Computing Reduces Overhead And Running Costs

Setting up and running a traditional internal network was a highly costly process involving purchasing expensive equipment and hiring skilled IT professionals to install and maintain the service. Rather than trying to handle your digital requirements in-house, handing over your IT to a cloud company will slash your setup and running costs, instead off-loading these expenses to your provider.

Working In The Cloud Makes Your Workforce Truly Mobile

Cloud services are accessible anywhere your team you can find an internet connection, considering almost all of us now use smartphones that means more or less everywhere. By using the cloud as a secure repository for your firm’s important business documents and software, you will empower your team to be truly mobile.

Moreover, with the recent growth in remote working caused by the Coronavirus – and the realistic expectation that this practice will survive long after the virus has passed – moving to the cloud will help you prepare and adapt to the expected New Normal of employment.

Working In The Cloud Improves The Chances For Collaboration

With the explosion in the popularity of cloud services over the last few years, software developers have been keen to get in on the act by producing software tailored specifically to enabling collaborative working over cloud networks. Numerous cloud project management apps now exist which include file sharing, video conferencing and messaging capabilities andthe ability for teams to work on the same files in real-time. These tools vastly improve your staff’s ability to work together while staying in the loop with other company developments.

Cloud Computing Vastly Increases The Power Of Mobile Devices

As cloud platforms exist remotely on powerful servers, when your employees dial into the service, they can use the resources of the host machine to perform complex, processor-hungry calculations. In real terms, this means even the most underpowered handheld or mobile device can transform into a veritable processing powerhouse, drawing on the power of the remote machine.

Automated Backups

Even in the worst-case scenario that your company suffers a data breach, cloud providers take regular backups so your files can be restored to a previously safe and secure state. While we all know the importance of taking manual backups, it is all too easy to forget this essential task. Using a cloud provider removes this onus of responsibility from your firm and instead gives you 100% peace of mind that you have a backup copy of your data.

The Take Out

With the increased digital transformation occurring in business, one of the best ways to keep a competitive edge against your rivals and adapt to the requirements of a changing business environment is to pass your firm’s digital requirements to a cloud computing partner. By adapting today, you will help shape the future of your company tomorrow.

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