How Do Companies Benefit From 9-Box Talent Review?

The success of an organization depends on the potential of its employees and their contribution at work. A good company has three things: A great boss, high-performing employees, and a positive work culture. Skilled and experienced workers are the most valuable asset for the industry. They can either make or break your business. Hence, it’s essential to evaluate employee performance.

One such way is to use 9-box talent review. This tool helps companies analyze the weaknesses and strengths of their employees. Hence, employers can get a better insight into the performance and potential of their workforce.

In this blog, we’ll cover the advantage of using 9-box grid and how it helps drive more revenue by improving employee performance.

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What Is A 9-Box Talent Review?

The 9-box talent grid is a human resource talent management tool. It is used to analyze the current performance of employees and identify future leaders within the company. Using the 9-box grid, HR professionals get a visual summary of the competency level and work behavior of their professionals.

A 9-box talent matrix measures employee progress according to the key performance indicators and aids in development. Hence, it helps companies understand that their hired candidates fit their job roles and are meeting their goals and expectations.

How Does A 9-Box Grid Work?

A 9-box talent matrix consists of a 3 x 3 grid. There are nine groups in it, representing employee potential and performance scales. Its horizontal axis shows workers’ performance, and the vertical axis indicates their potential.

The HR expert places every individual in the company on the X and Y axis. This helps them figure out low, medium, and high performers.

Components Of 9-Box Grid Excel Template

Following are the names of the nine categories in the 9-box matrix. Firstly, the left column.

Potential Gems

These are high-potential employees with low performance. Although such people are highly talented, however, they require stretch assignments and training to fix their underperformance

Inconsistent Players

These professionals have moderate potential and are showing low performance. They are expected to improve their skills by taking training and development coaching.

Bad Hires

Bad hires are basically people with low potential and low performance. Managers should either shift them to a new department, assign them a less work-intensive job role, or find candidates to replace them. Now the middle column.

High Potentials

According to 9 box talent grid, such people have extremely high potential but have moderate performance. Hence, such workers should be assigned difficult tasks so that they make an effort to reach their maximum capacity.

Core Players

These players fall in the middle of 9 box grid. They have medium potential and show moderate performance. Such an employee has average working capabilities. However, they do have room for improvement.


A backup employee has a very average skill set. They are not creative or innovative in their career path. Thus, managers should mentor them for a better future. The extreme right, last column.


According to 9 box grid, these are the key players of an organization. This type of person has a high potential and is a high performer. In the future, they can take leadership development roles.

High Performers

These are the workers with moderate potential but show high performance. They complete all their tasks and projects on time. However, such workers need training to improve strategic thinking.


The 9-box assessment says that workhorses are employees with limited skills and narrow mindsets. They are high-performing individuals who have low potential. Thus, managers can work on their communication and project management skills.

5 Advantages Of 9/Box Talent Review

The 9-box talent review process helps employers in assessing the performance of their workforce. It is a good way to analyze whether key employees are rightly fulfilling their job requirements. Hence, it offers multiple organizational benefits. Some of them are:

Helps Identify & Reward Top Performing Talent Without Bias

By dividing employees’ performances into the low, medium, and high categories, it becomes easier to track their progress. When a manager evaluates the performance of the employees using a standardized model, it makes the system transparent.

People will only get appraisals if they prove as top performers through the 9-box grid process. Hence, it removes the element of favoritism or unfairness in employee promotions.

Provides Quick Insight Into Organization’s Talent & Improvement Areas

Using a 9-box grid can help companies understand the performance and potential of their employees. This model helps identify low-performing workers. Hence, industries can invest in development training for the right person.
Employers can recognize high-performance workers who generate the greatest ROI. Also, they can pick out underperforming individuals who are just a burden on the company.

Helps In Long Term Succession Planning

The nine-box talent grid for succession planning helps in identifying and developing future leaders in the company. It is a proactive approach so that when an old employee retires, the right person can take over and lead the team. Hence, succession planning allows top-performing workers to envision their future career roles and path.

Allows A Better Understanding Of Performance & Behavioral Expectations

The nine-box grid for succession provides performance reviews in a structurally documented way. Hence, individuals get a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

Employees can better understand what goals and values the company expects them to fulfill. Hence, they will look out for growth-oriented development opportunities to narrow down the difference between potential and performance.

Improves Employee Accountability & Sense Of Responsibility

When a company does not go for a performance review session, its employees start becoming careless in their job. Since they know they are not answerable to anyone, people adopt an unprofessional attitude at the workplace.

Thus, using tools like the 9/box brings people back on track and makes them more competitive. In this way, employees start taking their responsibilities more seriously.

Key Takeaways

All in all, every organization wants its worker to perform to their full potential in their current role. Hence, the 9-box talent review can serve as the perfect tool to assess the talent pool of an organization.

When employees perform well, organizations can deliver better and faster services to their clients. Thus, this evaluation process makes employees better team players and contributors.

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