How The Employees Benefit From Joining A Group RRSP

Are your employers offering a Group RRSP program? If they are, don’t miss out on the chance to save your income for the retirement period. The retirement time can be unpredictable and full of hardships if you don’t have it pre-planned from the beginning.

And what’s a better way than to join a Group RRSP program. If you don’t know what that is? You’re in luck because we are at your service. We will guide you through the details and benefits of joining a Group RRSP program.

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Group RRSP Program And Its Procedure

A group registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) is similar to that of the government RRSP. In the Group RRSP program, the employers make arrangements for their employees to join the plan and contribute a part of their income as per their desire.

Employees can choose a suitable amount of contribution to the program and the employer will find the respective percent of payroll that is to be deducted from their monthly salaries accordingly for the annual contribution.

An investment manager is the one who collects the monthly contributions from the employer and administers the group account. Then, the contributions are deposited into individual accounts of employees.

There are many different Group RRSP providers with their respective policies. You can choose and know more about these plans if you are interested in making contributions. Selecting a saving plan for your retirement is never a bad option. The following are the benefits employees can get by joining a Group RRSP program offered by the employers.

1. Tax-Advantaged Plan

By contributing to a Group RRSP program, you save yourself from paying high taxes to the government. This program reduces the amount of tax that you must pay according to the government depending upon your respective income.

For example, if you earn $50,000 and you contribute $4000 to Group RRSP, this way the tax that you will be charged with would only be according to the remaining amount of your salary i.e. $46000 and not the actual amount.

2. Instant Tax Refund Benefits

The biggest advantage of contributing to a Group RRSP program is the immediate tax refund benefits. Employees can discuss with their employers about their contributions being invested before the tax can be calculated.

This way they get an instant tax credit and do not have to wait for the outcome of filing a tax refund request. Employees also get a benefit of dollar-cost averaging investment strategy as the contributions are a deduction from their payrolls.

3. Lower Management Fees

Due to the pooling of all the employees’ contributions, the management fees are lowered to a great extent. The management fees can be as low as 0.7% – 0.8%, depending upon the size of the group. This creates a great deal of difference between Group RRSP and the individual RRSP, which charges about more than 2% management fee.

4. Investment Management

The contributions you make to the Group RRSP program are used as investments to get benefits for both, the employers as well as the employees. Experienced investment managers are the ones who decide what are the best investment opportunities that can score maximum benefits?

It is their job, but you can arrange for your contributions to be invested according to your preferences This allows you to be well aware of the whereabouts of your contributions. You and only you are the controllers of when and where your money is invested.

5. Payroll Deduction Benefits

For a Group RRSP program, as the contributions are made by deducting the monthly payrolls of employees, this gives them a payroll deduction benefit with no limitation of large contributions. Group RRSP allows the employees to make regular contributions to their plan. There are no restrictions on the lump sum amount of money submitted annually as contributions.

6. Easily Accessible Account

Contributions to a well-named Group RRSP program makes it easier for their account holders to access their accounts easily and quickly through the internet. Your Group RRSP provider makes it easy for you to access and monitor your contribution and investment details by visiting their specific website online. So that you have your group contributions plans at your fingertips.

7. Creditors Protection

Depending upon the policies of your Group RRSP providers, the plan may offer you Creditors Protection. This means that your contributions to the respective Group RRSP will be safe from any legal claim. Your assets will be protected from anyone who claims that you owe them money. Many professional people and business owners may find this the most important feature of the Group RRSP program.

Joining a Group RRSP program is beneficial for the people no matter what field of occupation they belong to. With the given descriptive details of the benefits of joining a Group RRSP program, you can easily choose the service providers. You can look for your desired benefits and select a contract, according to your needs.

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