How To Find Investing Partners For Your Businesses

Once you decide what products you want to offer and have a business plan in place, the next thing to think about is how you’ll get investors for your business. Many times, investors are crucial, and the business can’t be successful without them. Many people find this confusing and might not know where to even begin. The good news is that there are some resources out there to help people find investors for their businesses and we’re going to take a look at some of them.

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Angel Investment Networks

The first resource you can look at to find investors are angel investor networks. Basically, this is a network of people who are willing to help businesses when they first start up or are in situations where most investors don’t want to get involved.

Depending on the investor, they will require things like ownership equity or shares in the business. While this could be risky for the investor, they know what could happen and they’re willing to take the risk. Keep in mind, many angel investors have strict guidelines of what kind of businesses they will back, so it might be a little difficult finding one.

Crowd Funding

Another great option to get investments for your business is doing crowdfunding. This is when you set up a campaign, usually online, that people can donate money to. The money is usually donated by several different people and many will donate small amounts at a time.

In order to have a good campaign, there are a few things you want to provide, including a fantastic description of your business and what you plan on doing with the donations. If possible, you can even provide incentives for those that donate as a way of saying thanks for supporting you and your business.


You could also look online to find investors. This includes the bigger social media sites, as well as online classifieds and communities. Many of these websites have sub-categories or certain areas of the websites that have to do with investors and starting a business.

While you can definitely find people on these sites that are only there to find businesses to invest in, there are other things you can find too, such as information about where to find more investors or information to help you with your business. The great thing is that most of these websites have like-minded people who are on the same journey and want to help others.


When starting the venture of creating your own business, many people choose to seek out a mentor. Some people meet someone new for this, while others will feel more comfortable with someone they already know. Regardless of which route you take, you want to make sure the person is experienced and able to help you continue on your journey.

Not only can a mentor help you with the different aspects of starting a business, but they often have a lot of connections and resources when it comes to investors. Many times, having a mentor can actually make or break your business.


By creating a network of people in the industry, you’ll be able to find new leads and be introduced to even more people that can help you. With this type of venture, you really should meet and network with as many people as possible. Remember, you want to make a good impression and really sell your business.

Make sure you’re enthusiastic and willing to do whatever it takes to promote and grow your business. Just like everything else, creating a reliable network of people is going to take some time, but once you build it up, you’ll hopefully have connections for life.


In the business world, incubators and accelerators can be a huge help. An incubator helps grow business ideas in the hope that they will result in a great business plan, while an accelerator help speed up the growth of a business that’s already been created.

Depending on what you need, you could see if there are any of these kinds of resource available to you. One thing to keep in mind is that many universities have programs or resources like these, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out to the school you went to and see what kind of services they might be able to provide.


Going to conferences or meetings is another great way to find an investor. These usually have hundreds or thousands of people that show up and many of them are associated with big businesses that are extremely successful. While it might not seem like a big deal, you should go for a few different reasons.

The main one is making connections and getting more investors or leads. With so many people in one place, you’re bound to be able to expand your network. The other big benefit is that you can learn some information that you might not have known. Since the business world is always changing, it’s important to stay on top of things and learn new ways of doing things.

Professional Social Networking Sites

Finally, you can go to social media sites that are specifically for professionals, like LinkedIn or CrunchBase. Just like LinkedIn, CrunchBase has investor data like this profile that can really help you find investors that are willing to invest in businesses that specialize in the products or services you offer.

With these websites, you want to make sure you’re marketing yourself in a positive light and you want to have any important information available for any investors that might look at your profile. Take some time to browse the site and reach out to investors or other people in the business!

As you can see, these resources should give you some great ideas and leads for places to get investors for your business. It might take some time and you should be prepared for rejections, but you should be able to find some investors who would be interested in working with you and supporting your business.

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