How To Improve Customer Engagement On Your Company’s Website

Having a website is essential for any reputable business. When a potential consumer decides they might have an interest in a company or brand, the first thing they’ll do is begin to determine the brand’s credibility. When a brand or company doesn’t have a well-designed and up-to-date website, it’s a hit on their credibility.

Aside from being well-designed, the website also needs to engage customers. Customer engagement on your business website could mean the difference between making a sale or not. The more inline engagement your website receives, the more likely potential customers will convert.

How can you ensure your business website will encourage visitors to engage with its features? – In the guide below, you’ll find several methods for boosting customer engagement. Continue reading to find out more.

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Ensure It’s Mobile-Friendly

If you want to receive the most traffic to your website possible and a high customer engagement, then you’ll need to make your website mobile-friendly. When you’re not at the office sitting directly in from of your computer, how do you browse the internet? What device do you use?

You most likely use your smartphone or tablet to conduct internet searches when you’re away from your desk. Your potential customers are doing the same thing. They’re picking up their mobile devices and checking out your website.

If your website doesn’t load correctly on a mobile device, then what’s the outcome? Your potential customers exit out of the page and take their business somewhere else. To ensure you attract and keep customers on your page, you should create a mobile-friendly website.

Use Live Chat Features

Live chat features are a great addition to a business’ website. Visitors to your website are on there to potentially buy your products or services. There’s a good chance they might have a question regarding your brand.

When a question arises, they’re going to want to find the answer quickly. A live chat feature is a great way for visitors to ask any questions they have and receive an immediate response. Providing a live chat feature reduces the need for visitors to make a phone call or send out an email and wait an extended amount of time to get their questions answered.

When you create your live chat feature, you can have a customized message set up to automatically greet your visitors. This will then let all visitors to your site know the feature is available and ready to help.

Prevent Slow Loading Times

Imagine trying to access a business’ website and the load time is slower than normal. You might refresh it a time or two and wait a few minutes for it to load. Once you access the page, you learn the entire website runs slowly.

What’s your next move? You most likely exit the page and take your business somewhere else. Don’t let this happen to you. You need to prevent slow loading times on your website to increase your online engagement. If your page won’t load, then customers aren’t going to engage.

To prevent slow loading times, make sure there aren’t any large images or other items that might slow it down.

Create Simple Navigation

When your customers can easily navigate through your entire website, it makes for a better experience. A better experience then leads to more engagement. Try not to crowd your website with too many words, images, or buttons.

Sometimes, less is more. Include enough white space to prevent visitors to the site from feeling overwhelmed. A hamburger menu is another great option. Hamburger menus are the three lines placed on top of one another. Once clicked on, the menu drops down.

This saves up space on your website since you won’t have to place the navigation menu directly on the page. It’s also important to include a search bar. When a customer can’t find what they’re looking for on the navigation menu, they can type in a keyword into the search bar.

The search bar will then lead them in the right direction, making navigation simple. Simple navigation also includes using easy-to-read fonts. It’s not a bad idea to use creative fonts, but they should be clear and readable.

Highlight Important Features

The most important features of your website should stand out. You should highlight these components in a way that’ll grab your customers’ attention. For example, clickable words should appear clickable.

As soon as a customer visits your website, they should know what’s clickable and what’s not. Use bright colors and larger fonts for these items. You also want to include a call to action on your page.

A call to action is a way to get customers to convert or do what you need them to. For example, this could be calling your customers to join your email list or schedule an appointment.

Produce Target-Geared Content

When you’re designing your website, it’s important to produce content that’s geared towards your target audience. Know who your target audience is and give them the content they’re looking for.

To better understand who your target audience is, you can conduct short surveys. Ask simple questions that help you get to know your target audience better. Then, use this information when creating content.

Social media is a great place to conduct these surveys and gather analytics regarding the type of people visiting your page.

Keep Track Of The Website’s Progress

Keeping track of your website’s progress will let you know what’s working and what’s not. Using behavioral heatmaps is one way to do this. Behavioral heatmaps give you some insight into aggregate on-page trends.

You can then use this information to easily pinpoint any problem areas within your website and correct the issues. If you don’t keep track of your website’s progress, then you won’t know when to make changes.

Staying flexible is crucial for website success because there will always be new ways to improve.

Improve Your Customer Engagement Now

You can improve your customer engagement on your website right now by following the helpful tips listed above. Creating a website that appeals to your target audience and provides a wonderful customer experience is the best way to ensure all visitors to the site stay engaged.

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