How To Increase ROI With Effective YouTube Advertising According To Everest Business Funding

YouTube’s popularity has sky-rocketed over the years for both consumer and producer platforms. On average, 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. In addition, every minute, YouTube receives 300 hours of video uploads.

Everest Business Funding works alongside small businesses providing alternative finance options, and advocates for YouTube advertising as an effective way to spread brand awareness locally and beyond. In this article, the organization lays out a few tips to help businesses increase their return on investment when marketing through YouTube.

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Tip 1 – Know The Target Audience

Before designing any ad, a business should ensure they do efficient marketing research with a focus on who the ad is intended to draw in as customers. To increase ROI with YouTube advertisements, marketing teams should aim to create an ad that brings value to the audience they intend to meet. Researching what is defined as valuable content comes next after identifying what audience would align best with a brand, product, and service. YouTube also has targeting options for businesses to take advantage of to reach their target audience.

Tip 2 – Keep It Short

Marketing teams should aim for a short advertisement that packs a punch in content delivery when making a YouTube advertisement. YouTube recently added a new addition to their platform called YouTube Shorts, deeming it “the shorter side of YouTube.”

The channel is paying attention to what consumers want based on other platform successes such as TikTok and Instagram. As social media continues to influence many aspects of marketing, consumers’ attention spans are growing shorter. In addition, trapping YouTube audiences in a long advertisement can have the opposite effect of what a business is aiming for, creating annoyed viewers who quickly lose interest in the messaging.

Tip 3 – Select Ad Format Based On Target Audience And Advertising Objectives

The first barrier marketing teams face, specifically with YouTube advertising, is the multiple ad format options. The various ad formats include display ads, overlay ads, skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, and sponsored cards. These ad formats differ based on placement, platform, and specs. Marketing teams can research what ads their target audience responds to most while aligning ad format choices with marketing objectives such as raising brand awareness or promoting a new product launch.

Tip 4 – Run Separate Campaigns For In-Stream And Discovery Ads

In-stream ads and discovery ads are two different types of advertisements that are more effective when separated into their own campaigns. An in-stream ad plays during other videos as well as before or after. Discovery ads run more alongside related YouTube videos rather than introducing, interjecting, or concluding them. The reason behind separating the two ads is the need to have a different budget and strategy to better control and elevate the campaign’s performance.

Tip 5 – Stay Natural

Marketing teams want to be as natural as possible when connecting to their consumers through their YouTube advertisements. Natural and native content is considered quality branding for any business as it resides more with consumers and is more memorable over rigid promotional efforts.

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