How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency (crypto), a digital currency designed to act as a medium of monetary exchange, uses cryptographic functions to perform financial transactions. With cryptography, cryptocurrency creates and controls new units of exchange while verifying the digital transfer of assets.

The top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), emerged in 2009, but over 3,000 altcoins have followed within the last decade. As one of the hottest investing topics in 2020, the popularity of crypto is here to stay. So, how can you make money with cryptocurrency?

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Set Up A Wallet

Although some similarities exist between BTC wallets and traditional bank accounts, crypto protocols are significantly different from Paypal and online banking portals. For example, crypto transactions cannot be reversed, which means the security of digital money is held to a higher standard than ordinary money.

When choosing a cryptocurrency wallet, it’s important to understand how different crypto wallets work to avoid losing your funds. If you’re setting up a cryptocurrency wallet for the first time, start by choosing between hardware, desktop, or mobile wallet. Next, purchase and download your wallet, install the software, create an account, and deposit your cryptocurrency.

Whether you’re planning to hold and rent BTC or profit as a cryptocurrency trader, privacy should be among your top concerns when buying a wallet. If you’re not sure what type of wallet is best for you, CryptoVantage, a cryptocurrency guide, can help. The excellent teachers at CryptoCantage can help you explore different cryptocurrency wallets and determine how to interact with various cryptocurrency networks. After setting up your wallet, you can decide what strategies to implement to make money with cryptocurrency.

Hold And Rent

Because cryptocurrencies act differently from ordinary money, some coins go up on their own. With some coins, like Ethereum, constantly being issued, the creation of each transaction block provides a reward (coins that were not previously in circulation). In other words, the total amount of coins in circulation is not limited.

However, BTC implements a different approach. Like other coins, for the creation of a block, the Bitcoin system generates a reward. However, every four years, the amount of Bitcoins is reduced. Over time, the emission will end with the number of BTC in circulation reaches 21 million. After BTC reaches 21 million, miners will only profit from user commissions.


Crypto is independent because of cryptocurrency miners. Blockchain technology involves transactions from blocks, and miners must calculate a hash code, or key, for each block. The first miner to find the key puts the block into the blockchain. Then, all the transactions in the block are completed, and the miner receives a reward and commission from the network.

However, calculating hash codes requires a lot of computing power, which is usually provided by the GPU or application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). Although ASICs are expensive, they’re more powerful than the GPU, as they’re specifically designed for mining. After connecting your device to a pool, or a union of miners, you can start calculating hash codes and profiting.


Trading is the most profitable way to earn money with crypto. The concept of trading cryptocurrencies is simple, as trading simply involves buying a coin at a low price and selling it at a high price. By virtue of millions of cryptocurrency traders around the world, the market value of coins is formed. But how do you find the right moment to buy or sell a coin?

Because it’s impossible to predict the direction of coin prices, trading is one of the most difficult ways to make a profit. When trading, beginner traders often review fees when comparing various exchanges. However, evaluating regularity compliance and security should be your top priority. Additionally, analyzing available data, evaluating the market, and understanding the crypto industry can increase your chances of correctly identifying the right times to buy and sell coins.

If you already have funds and a general understanding of the crypto industry, holding and trading can provide a significant profit from cryptocurrency. If you’re just starting out in the cryptocurrency space, mining, bounties, and referral programs can help you gain an understanding of the cryptocurrency world and make a significant profit.

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