How To Make A New Employee Feel At Home

When most businesses think about onboarding new employees, they often think of paperwork, meeting the staff, taking a tour of the office, writing a vision statement, and other activities. However, a plan that focuses on making the employee feel welcomed, appreciated, and a part of the organization’s culture as quickly as possible is frequently put to the last–or completely neglected.

While most companies have thought through and perfected the technical aspects of hiring new staff, just a few do a good job of appreciating and welcoming them. You, as the boss, can design a method for easing new employees into the workplace so that their first day isn’t as jarring.

What is onboarding? It’s a question that’s been asked a lot throughout the years, and there’s been a lot of different responses. However, COVID-19 has permanently impacted the way we work, and as a result, it has completely altered how we onboard new staff. The current worldwide digital transformation is hastening changes to the long-established, traditional onboarding process and practices. As a result, it appears that employee onboarding has progressed by decades in just the last year. Read below for ways you can make a new employee feel at home.

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Meeting everyone for the first time might be nerve-wracking! Sending a welcome email with photos and bios of your new team members will make things easy for your new hire. This will enable your new hire to begin putting faces to names. You might also provide amusing facts about each coworker, such as a favorite pastime.

Work Space

One of the simplest things you can do before they start is to clear and clean their office or workstation. It’s odd and frightening to use a desk or workplace with someone else’s personal possessions, as if you’ve walked into a ghost town. On their desk, you can always leave a company-branded gift or a welcome plant.

Name Plate

It’s all in the details. Taking the time to personalize their home communicates your appreciation for them and your want for them to stay. It’s also a good idea to post a welcome sign with their name on it at the front door and in a common area – this will benefit current employees as well!


A mentor program for new hires is an excellent method to assist them in learning the ins and outs of the workplace. When a new employee is hired, designate someone to spend time with him to explain to him how things work, have lunch with him, and provide support and direction as needed. While the mentor or buddy will play the most important role, other employees should be encouraged to pitch in and do their part to make the newbie feel welcome.

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