How To Manage A Car Rental Business

Fleet owners often try to organize their work processes on their own. Mainly when they own a small number of vehicles (up to 25). Attempts to get by with tables and a set of third-party services bring a lot of headaches: data gets missed, errors pop out, calculations do not converge.

In addition, you have to worry about the safety of your property and the extension of the service life, optimization of fuel consumption and management work, documentation, taxes, etc. As a business scales up, managing all of these tasks in the old-fashioned way becomes more difficult and costly. Then a modern approach comes to the rescue – complex automation of the company’s work on web platforms.

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Car Rental Management

Car rental management requires a high-quality organization of many issues, so special programs have appeared on the market – CRM systems. All internal processes are quickly switched to their base and the owners of vehicle fleets receive a convenient service for full control of the business.

It is like switching from Russian accounts to a calculator. At least 50% more free time appears habitual mistakes are eliminated, the budget is saved and efficiency is improved. Everything that is needed for work is collected in one place and the routine is completely covered by the algorithms of the system.

Car rental management software automates most of the business operations, leaving only control to the person. On most CRM sites, you can fully supervise the vehicle fleet: monitor the movement, mileage, and condition of cars, control their maintenance, accept orders and record payments in any form, regulate the work of employees and prepare reports.

What Is Car Rental Management?

You may find that car rental management is too difficult and risky. This is true without a CRM system. The reputation of the business, expensive cars, and a missed opportunity to increase profits are at stake. It will suit the owner of a fleet of vehicles, taxi services, driving schools, transport logistics companies, car dealerships, and similar businesses.

What Is A Car Rental Management System?

Car rental management system is a cloud-based online system for the automated management of a vehicle rental business. The platform is configured individually for each client. It will provide constant reporting on the work of the company and fast processing of applications. The CRM system will increase revenue anyway. Thanks to the improved organization of processes as well as full control over vehicles and armor program tools should provide:

  • automatic accounting of the vehicle fleet.
  • document flow (applications, waybills, distribution orders, invoices).
  • accepting payments (cash or non-cash: MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and others).
  • full control of transport (thanks to navigation devices that are built into cars).
  • formation of reporting, analytics, and statistics.
  • accurate analysis of financial transactions which will help control the company’s budget.
  • protection and confidentiality of information within the system.
  • personnel control (the CRM system will help managers plan their working day, make a list of priority tasks, and control the deadlines).
  • the correct sequence of all actions (for example, in-car maintenance and processing applications).

Such a car rental management solution will allow you to collect everything you need in a single, simple system interface. It is important that the implementation of most CRM systems in work does not require special knowledge from the business owner or their employees. The control panel is usually intuitive for everyone.

Car Rental Management Solution

As demand grows, so does the number of offers. Rentsyst is one of the most high-quality CRM systems. It is designed for companies of all sizes. This platform quickly and easily integrates into work, combining absolutely all tasks, even accounting ones. It has a simple interface and wide functionality that anyone can customize for themselves. At the same time, the platform can work not only with cars but also with scooters, boats, and vans.

It is important to say about the main advantage of Rentsyst – its mobility. The system is fully accessible for control from a smartphone and retains the same functions that are used when logging in from a computer. Most other CRMs have to be accessed from the desktop version, which is very limiting.

Rentsyst will give you a solution to many challenges. For example, special sensors that work according to the VOS system will be installed in the transport. They allow you to track:

  • car location;
  • travel history and route;
  • speed and fuel level;
  • speeding;
  • aggressive driving;
  • overheating of the engine;
  • opening/closing doors;
  • turning on / off headlights;
  • engine start / stop;
  • exceeding the mileage limit;
  • crashes, accidents, etc.

With the help of the VOS system, you will always know where and in what condition your cars are, prevent theft, and effectively manage your booking and vehicle checks.

In the Daily Plan module, you can create a minute-by-minute schedule for each employee’s day. The built-in task manager will allow you to delegate orders and, if necessary, restrict access.

Rentsyst also provides alerts for all invoices, orders, and agreements. You, your clients, and partners will receive notifications in any convenient messenger. You can conveniently set up online booking and a customer loyalty system. The system is easy to issue bills and invoices, track cash on delivery, control revenue, and build planning.

All the intricacies of working in the CRM system can be found at a free training seminar that Rentsyst offers to take on the official website.

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