How To Protect Your Business From Cyberattacks In 2021?

Cyberattacks have been increasing their numbers in 2020, with many industries losing their private data. The cyberattacks can continue to grow in 2021, and it is expected to grow even more by 2025. Something is for sure – the pandemic affected businesses across the world, big or small. It amplified the number of cybercrimes because of the uncertainty around the world and remote working. How to protect your business from cyberattacks? Cybercrimes include everything from data hacking, bugs, and viruses.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, almost any business had to embrace new challenges and find solutions to adapt to the new “normal” fast. So, preparing your business for new potential challenges in 2021 is beyond the word “essential”. In this article, we are going to discuss the most important facts that will contribute to the safety of your business.

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Create A Safety Policy

Small-sized business owners can find it a quite daunting task to understand the safety actions they must take to protect their businesses. A plan is what you need to manage to keep your business safe. The bigger the business, the more complicated the policies will be. But this can be done easier if you take your time to create an effective plan. So, the purpose is to let your staff members, customers, and suppliers know that you are preparing an effective plan for safety performance.

You should be very specific about who is responsible for what and when. If you don’t have too many employees in your industry, then your policies shouldn’t be that many. But they must exist in your company, and you have to show that you are dedicated to ensuring everyone’s safety, including your customers and employees.

The Risks Of Cybercrime

You might believe that your small business won’t suffer any cyberattacks. Sadly, this is not the case. Annually, thousands of small businesses are victims of malware, phishing, hacking, and other types of cybercrimes. Attacks on small businesses can generate little attention, compared to the well-publicized cyber crimes against big companies by the media. This can give your small business no sense of security. But small businesses can attract more hackers than big ones because of the fewer possessions they can devote.

Cyberattacks can have a serious negative impact on small businesses. A cybersecurity survey was conducted in 2018 and showed that more than 1,000 small businesses in the US and the UK experienced malware. Smartphones were the most susceptible entry points to industries’ computer systems.

The most common cyberattacks against businesses:

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • SQL injections
  • Zero-days exploits

These attacks can also come from dishonest employees as well. Cybercriminals can commit attacks from anywhere in the world.

The negative effects of a cyberattack on a business are many:

  • Loss of income
  • Damaged electronic data
  • Extra expenses
  • Notification costs
  • Damaged reputation

A cyberattack can really damage your businesses’ reputation. Customers may avoid using your services anymore.

What Are The Risks Of Using The Internet?

Like many other businesses, you may use the internet for properly completing your daily tasks. You probably have a company that sells online products and services. These activities can generate cyber risks. The information that you choose to post on the internet may be a significant source of cyberattacks. Alternatively, other competitive companies may try to do you harm.

It’s almost impossible that these days you find a business that doesn’t use a website, blog, online bank accounts, social media pages, personal information about customers, etc. 90% of businesses currently use these systems, and 75% of them are identified to experience cyberattacks. The threats of cyber-attacks happen every two minutes. Large businesses that have big breaches report are attacked several times per day.

When Do Cyberattacks Occur?

Generally, a cyber-attack happens every two to three minutes. Thus, it’s important to ensure that you have your back covered. Threats can come in many different ways. Hackers and cybercriminals are continually trying to cause damage by stealing data. It usually happens when an employee leaves their laptop unintentionally somewhere in the public.

Cybercrime is increasing, so we may all witness an increase in the demand for cyber coverage in the future.

Cybercriminals can be experienced enough to know how to obtain information from your computer device. Small-sized businesses are most likely to experience breaches and financial losses. Businesses that keep customer’s personal data are likely to suffer from being harmed. The most common form of cyber-attack is happening through fraudulent emails, which can come with viruses, bugs, and malware.

Hackers have found another way to exploit people’s computers: there is a bug they use and exploit games, like Counter-Strike. A hacker could take full control of your computer if you click on a link to play the popular game. The hacker can then acquire the information from anyone who accepts it. According to Techrobot, CS: GO has a bug that can let hackers take over your computer.

What is CS: GO? Counter-Strike shooter video game where teams compete against each other. One group has the role of terrorists, and the other group has the objective of shooting the terrorists. Given the facts, you must ensure that you fix the bug that could allow hackers to take over your computer system.

But let’s return to the topic in which we discuss how companies must learn some skills about safety management systems. Your company’s safety management must consist of processes like:

  • Threat identification
  • Risk administration
  • Performance measurement
  • Quality control

The safety management system in your company should allow you to identify possible hazards. Once you will determine them, you can evaluate the risks and use a strategic plan to control the potential damage. Thus, conduct an assessment of your businesses’ threats and safety goals, and make sure that all management systems are kept with high standards. Whatever safety management you choose, make sure that has all the processes of lowering risks of cyberattacks and improve your company’s safety.

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