How To: Include Psychology In Business Card Design [Infographic]

When was the last time you changed your business card design? Most of the tools we use to grow our businesses have gone high tech. Whether it’s a phone sitting on our desks with a long cord, a fax machine in the corner or even a huge bulky file cabinet stuffed with records, it’s all been upgraded to more effective and efficient high tech ways of doing things. The one thing that hasn’t really changed throughout the years is the business card. Sure, we’ve written about high tech business cards, but there always seems to be one catch with those business card designs, and that is that both people have to be users of the same app or same system in order for it to work.

There have been some really incredible business card designs that weren’t cards at all. We’ve seen them where both people touch smartphones and they both instantly follow each other on all their social networks and fancy stuff like that, but again, it requires that both people are already users of whatever app that requires. When you first meet someone, and you are trying to make a strong first impression, the last thing you want to say is something awkward like, “In order for me to give you my business card, I need you to install an app.” So, as a result, most of us still carry around traditional business cards. They are fast, easy, and they still get the job done.

If you are going to keep using a traditional business card, you might as well do whatever you can to make it stand out and be as appealing as possible. Richard wrote about how to do this in an article called The Ultimate Guide To Business Card Design. Today I’d like to share some more tips for you that incorporate psychology into your business card design.

This infographic called How To Design Your Business Card With Psychology In Mind by Uprinting touches on the psychology that goes into your business card design. In other words, how will something as simple as a font choice or spacing play into how you are perceived to your potential client? This will hopefully give you some new ideas, and it might even inspire you to update your own business card design.

Include Psychology In Your Business Card Design


Via: [MarketingProfs] Header Image Credit: [Awaken Your Superhero]