How To Choose The Best Blockchain PR Agency For Your Brand

Like any other business, the blockchain industry is competitive. And the chances of a startup surviving are as low as with any other business. But with the right blockchain PR agency, the chances of being successful with your startup are high.

Excellent public relations do not just benefit a startup, but an established business as well. It expands the customer base and attracts new investors. Here is a guide on choosing and working with a PR agency.

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Are They Knowledgeable About The Industry?

Blockchain is a rather complicated and new concept. Not every PR firm out there will have the level of industry knowledge that is necessary to provide excellent PR services. You will need a firm that can help you develop the best social media posts to improve your image. They should give relevant recommendations on content creation based on industry trends and market needs.

An experienced blockchain PR agency will know the best editors to contact. They will have connections to blockchain-related events and platforms where you can speak or connect with investors and significant clients. Before hiring the firm, enquire about their previous experience in the blockchain industry. Which brands have they worked with?

Carry Out A Background Research On The Blockchain PR Agency

Conduct due diligence before getting into business with the agency. Visit their website and have a look at their content. Visit their social media pages. How do they interact with their followers? Do they respond to complaints?

Contact blockchain entrepreneurs they have previously worked with. What do they have to say about the firm? Did it yield results, or was it a waste of resources? Visit blockchain-related forums and check for unbiased reviews about the firm.

Talk to the PR agency assigned to your company. Are they passionate about their job? Are they open to suggestions? From your talks, do they sound genuinely interested in driving success to your business, or are they in it for the paycheck?

Stay Involved

Having confirmed that the company is qualified and knowledgeable about the industry does not mean you should leave all the work to the PR agent. They are not experts in blockchain, and they could make mistakes when posting on your social media channels or website. The PR agent should not lock you out of their work, either.

Ensure that you double-check all the facts. You wouldn’t want the wrong information shared with the public under your business’s name. It would undermine your reputation, and all the PR efforts would be futile. Assess if the efforts by the PR agent are yielding any results. If it is ineffective, their strategy could be wrong. You can work together to come up with another approach.

Ensure that the blockchain PR firm you choose is knowledgeable about the blockchain industry. They should have a good reputation and show proof of previous success working with other blockchain companies.

Stay updated on what they are doing for your business and the strategies they are using. Ensure that the details they publish are factual. Follow these tips, and you are sure to have a pleasant and successful experience working with the best PR firm.

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