How To Properly Invest In Cryptocurrency ICOs

If you wish to make money in ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings, it is more important than ever before to know how to invest in ICOs. It was possible to make easy money during what can best be described as “the ICO madness of 2017” by simply throwing money at every second project. This is no longer the case and has been the case for the better part of a year now as the crypto bear market of 2018 has adequately proven.

Today at the beginning of 2019, the importance of doing one’s own due diligence and making use of trusted sources in the process cannot be stressed enough. Failure to do so can lead to losses faster than most of us can say “Timbuktu.”

With this in mind, let’s consider how to invest in ICOs by having a closer look at some of the basic elements that need to be in place, including how to identify and use a reliable ICO list.

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Own Due Diligence

As noted above, the importance of doing your own due diligence cannot be stressed enough. Like most things in life, the strategy of many to solely lean on the advice given by crypto Youtube influencers or on the advice given by others for that matter is a good way to set oneself up for failure.

This is not to say that we should outright reject the advice given by others or to say their advice is of little to no value. It is only to say that it is best to always double check for ourselves – do our own due diligence. For this to happen, there are some basic elements that need to be in place:

Quality Info

The decision you make to invest or not to invest in an ICO should always be of your own making. You want to be able to make an informed decision based on quality info. Quality info is foremost info that can be trusted, info that is stripped of personal agendas, bias, emotion and anything that can hinder you from making an informed, levelheaded decision.

Reliable ICO List

You need access to sources that can be trusted, including a reliable ICO list. Such a list must be freely available or available to the public at no charge, contain basic info about ICOs and get updated frequently. When a rating is provided, the rating must be impartial in the strictest sense of the word:

  • No fee charged for the rating
  • Use of anonymous, independent raters/reviewers

The above elements should be non-negotiable when it comes to a reliable ICO list or a list that you intend to use as part of your due diligence when it comes deciding to invest in an ICO. It is after all easy to find an ICO list that is more than happy to make compromises – as long as the money flows, above or under the table.

If you are serious about your money, you will want to find the best ICO list money cannot buy. A list that is either popular for the right reasons or unpopular because the gatekeepers refuse to accept bribes (or any form of handout).

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