How To Master The Art Of Freelancing – 3 Tips To Manage Work And Clients

When someone decides to be their own boss and tell their 9-to-5s goodbye for good, they’re lunging head-first into an unknown, unreliable territory which has anything but job security. And what else? With 50% of the world’s working population as freelancers, amazing client handling skills and communication are the only pillars that can make you stand out.

Regardless of the fact whether you are a graphic designer or writer or consultant, if you follow these tips & tricks, your name will be seen with a halo around it. So if you are ready, read on and get ready to make some changes.

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1. The Golden Rule: Underpromise, Overdeliver

Making lavish, extraordinary claims to your clients might become an extra rock to carry. While you might think that this will give the client an impression that you are highly efficient, it won’t take time to backfire.

The best way to move forward with freelancing is to Underpromise and overdeliver. Taking into account the emergency allowances is always a good practice when you are the only employee of your company.

Besides, when you deliver more or better than what the client expects, it builds their trust manifold.

2. Get A Hold Of The Technology

Popping up of co-working spaces in cities all around the world are a testimony to the growth of the remote working trend. Whether you are working from Japan or Timbuktu, technology has got your back to give you everything you need.

Remote working has become possible because of the advancements in technology. Platforms like below are designed such that they can easily digitize your work and make the client communications more transparent. Take a look.

  • Cloud-based storage services provide unmatched data security for you as a freelancer or remote worker
  • Virtual whiteboards, like Weje, make it possible to work collaboratively in the most productive way. In fact, having whiteboard online helps you in conducting more interactive meetings with clients.
  • Work management software like Trello and Asana can allow you to keep up your tabs and be more productive.

3. Keeping Calm While Juggling: Project Management

Of course, when you are your own finance department, HR, marketing, operations team, and executive, you have got many hats to wear. And the most important skill that you can learn is to learn appropriate work management skills to keep the stress of multitasking at bay.

  • Practice Cluster tasking: This simply means the grouping of similar tasks. While jumping from one category of work to the next requires a considerable amount of “gearing up” which lowers productivity.Keeping similar or related tasks together brings about a natural flair in working and you get maximum output with minimum stress.
  • Sequential tasking: Or monotasking is the most productive way of getting work done – doing one thing at a time.Make a to-do list in the order of priority, and start ticking off tasks from the top. Take small breaks in between. Reset your mind and get on to the next task without thinking about the other tasks in the list. It’s not less than a challenge but it gives you results.
  • Create a “dump file”: Mono-tasking is the most productive way of working, although, it can make you stray from your thoughts quite often. And these thoughts are, arguably, not all ‘useless’. In fact, some great ideas hit you when you’re trying to focus somewhere else.My solution is to create a dump file on your scribbling software or a notebook where you jot down these thoughts to visit them later. This will keep you stress-free because you sure won’t forget your amazing idea and at the same time you can focus back on work.


Whether you are an established freelancer or a budding one, these tips will set you well in a routine that will take your productivity higher, along with your motivation to work. Hustling is one thing, but hustling with a little bit of organization and forethought is everything.

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