How To Plan A Business Trip To London

Whether you’re heading to the capital for networking or to deliver a career-defining keynote speech, there’s no doubt London is a fantastic place to do business.

From the classic business districts like Canary Wharf to vibrant East London, London is packed with more varied business climates than anywhere else in the country.

For a business trip that’s productive and smooth-running, you need to plan wisely to take advantage of the business treasures London can offer.

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WiFi And Waiting Rooms – Research The Venue

When you’re heading to a big business meeting, you need to make sure you’re prepared. While it can be tempting to spend hours poring over slides and notes for your big pitch, sometimes it’s more valuable to spend some time thinking through the practicalities.

All those hours of prep could be worthless if you’re thrown off guard by an unexpected detail. Confirm all details with your main contact, including any required facilities at the venue. Don’t presume the amenities you’ve grown accustomed to will work the same way at every business event and remember that smaller conferences and new clients can allow fresh challenges to arise. Confirm the WiFi arrangements in advance, and make sure you notify the organizers of any specialist equipment you’ll need – like a microphone or screen.

This type of preparation is invaluable since last-minute stresses can really knock your business confidence. For a smooth performance, it is important to be in an optimal psychological state.

Book Accommodation – And Choose Wisely

Heading to London can be a daunting prospect if you’re journeying from further afield. When you’re heading to a 9 am conference, don’t book a train that arrives after 8 o’clock.

When planning for important early morning ventures, booking a place to stay is almost always the smarter choice. You’ll reduce travel stress and ensure you have somewhere private for last minute preparation on the day.

In fact, you can now reap all the rewards of a private local room, without the need to book an overnight stay. With DayBreak Hotels it’s possible to reserve hotel rooms for day use – meaning you’ll have somewhere luxurious to log in, freshen up and complete your pep talk before the big event.

Always select a hotel based on its proximity to your destination and the nearest tube station. Have a route in mind, and you’ll be on track for a successful event.

Be Transport Smart

For a smooth journey, make sure you avoid the common mishaps and always stay updated. If you’re flying into London, avoid taking a black cab from Heathrow to your destination. This is a common mistake, and through simpler journeys are usually best, London traffic delays can cost you more time than changing line. When traveling long distances through central London, opting for the tube can be a lower-risk strategy.

Since tube delays, train cancellations and rush hour traffic can all scupper your chances of a timely arrival, make sure you download a travel app and stay updated. Citymapper is a great option for a quick summary of the best route, but the live updates from London Transport Planner can really save the day when delays strike.

If you plan well and equip yourself with the best tools, you’ll have more brain power to spend on business.

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