How, Why, And When To Send Customers A Satisfaction Survey After A Purchase

You’re probably aware that customer satisfaction surveys can help you secure long-term, loyal customers. Customer satisfaction surveys help you understand what your customer wants, where your products and services fall short, and what you can do to improve.

While it sounds easy to put together a survey, there’s a method for crafting and delivering effective surveys. To create and deliver an effective survey, you need to ask the right questions, deliver the survey at the right time, and make the survey process easy and effortless. A professional survey application is the foundation for a smooth process.

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A Professional Survey Application Does Almost Everything For You

To generate insightful, actionable feedback, make sure to use a professional survey application to deliver a seamless experience. For example, thousands of brands are using Delighted to deliver customer satisfaction surveys both on the web and in their mobile apps. This application seamlessly integrates CSAT software into a website or mobile app to facilitate generating insightful, actionable feedback.

When using an application like Delighted, you’ll need to come up with your own follow-up questions, but everything else will be covered. The application will send an email to customers a specified number of days after their purchase to ask how satisfied they are with their purchase. When a customer clicks to respond, they’ll be taken to a webpage where they’ll complete the rest of the (short) survey. It really is that easy.

Deliver Your First Customer Satisfaction Survey Within 1-2 Days Of A Purchase

To get well-rounded feedback, you’ll need to have a few different customer satisfaction surveys delivered at different times. The first should be delivered within 1-2 days of purchase. This first survey should be used to get feedback on the purchase process, your checkout process, customer service, your website, and product/service satisfaction.

You want to deliver this survey quickly so your customers don’t forget about their experience with your company. However, you don’t want to deliver it before they’ve had adequate time to start using your product or service. In other words, don’t deliver your first survey minutes or even hours after a purchase if you want genuine feedback.

Deliver Your Second Customer Satisfaction Survey Within 2-4 Weeks Of A Purchase

Use your second customer satisfaction survey to generate specific feedback about your product. In this survey, you’ll want to ask questions like:

  • What do you like best about our product/service?
  • What do you like least about our product/service?
  • Where does our product/service fall short of your expectations?
  • What do you think we can improve?

These four questions are the most important, but you can certainly add to the list.

Craft Questions To Uncover Specific Points Of Failed Expectations

Asking customers where you failed to meet their expectations is one of the most important questions you can ask. The answer might be hard to read, but it’s critical to know where you’re failing your customers. You may not even realize what’s happening. It could be a simple marketing oversight. For instance, your ads might be suggesting results you never intended to suggest.

When you know where you’re failing your customers, you can correct those mistakes at the company level. Customer loyalty is fickle when companies don’t make a major effort to correct a mistake. According to data collected by Microsoft, 47% of consumers switched brands because of bad customer service. These statistics aren’t isolated. Other studies have found customers will leave or even boycott a brand for a variety of infractions including not paying for return shipping for a defective product.

Ask Questions That Speak To Your Targeted Audience

If your product or service targets a specific group of individuals, ask specific questions related to why those people are using your product. For example, if you created a pair of self-warming socks, you’ll want to ask your general market if the socks keep their feet warm. However, if your product is aimed at people with arthritis, ask if the socks have provided any noticeable improvement in arthritis-related pain.

You’ll get the majority of useful feedback from surveys sent after your customers have had a chance to use your product or service for a period of time. However, don’t wait too long.

Act On The Feedback You Receive

Getting feedback is great, but make sure you take action. When your customers know you’ve taken steps to improve your business operations, your products, or your services, they’ll be even happier.

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