How To Improve Performance Of Your PPC Landing Page?

PPC landing pages are the important contributors as they are the first page that appears as soon as your client clicks on the ad. This contributes more towards the investment made in your ad campaign.

The best way to increase return on Ad spent is through optimizing the page which includes design, chatbot, page loading speed, and a combination of much more factors. Hence the process of click-to-action involves a lot of steps and efforts.

In today’s post let us discuss on how to improve the performance of your PPC landing page. Would you be interested to know how it works for your business? Let’s get started.

When you find conversion rate dropping you need to follow a couple of steps to regain it or to make it steady. For your convenience, I have come up with a couple of suggestions that can help you with your conversion rate.

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Communicate The Offer Clearly

It is more important to be clear in what you advertise to your crowd. The offer you provide your customers should reach them that they perform a call to action immediately. In common the offer should be based on your customer and their business/ industry/ documental needs. The offers can include trials, free-shipping, free consultation or quote services or even a product discount.

Therefore, the offer itself should be more appealing added with the above-mentioned stuff that can add more color to your ad.

Lack Of SSL Certificate

SSL certificate can be described as a set of files that enable security of information and encryption between server and browser. It is more important that your website requires an SSL certificate in order to boost your PPC campaign.

Trust is the biggest factor in online business. If your site doesn’t contain SSL then it displays as not secure in the browser. Customer doesn’t feel safe to shop from websites and bounce back immediately. So, if you think purchasing SSL certificate is worthless you would suffer a big loss in your PPC campaign or the conversion rate.

If you have a domain with multiple subdomains then Wildcard SSL Certificate is the best option to buy. This certificate provides extended security to sub-domains through a single domain. This can avoid purchasing certificates for every subdomain. To make it simpler and to have extended security for your sub-domains as well, you can make use of the wild card SSL certificate.

No Existence Of Call To Action Button

Human beings are attentive to distractions. It is easy to forget a purchase when a customer is being diverted by a TV series that he never fails in his lifetime. That is how a customer can be diverted from what he is supposed to buy.

In order to get them back on track, it is much needed to keep them posted with things that they are looking for. A PPC campaign or a landing page can convert a higher rate when the distractions are removed from the path of the customer. Through defined steps and processes you can direct your customer to the final checkout process.

And it is necessary to design a landing page with a call-to-action that never confuses the customer while entering the page. It should be designed in such a way that the button looks appealing and can help customers to make instant decisions on their purchases.

Some important points to remember while designing a call to action button is,

  1. Make sure the call to action button is visible enough for the customer to take measurable action.
  2. Place the button to the top half of your landing page or make it float along with the page that it may appear even when the visitor scrolls the page.
  3. Provide eventual opportunities for your customer to click on the call to action button if they are not easy to make decisions.
  4. Use captivating keywords that encourages the customer to click on the button.

Display Social Proofs

At recent times, customers request social proofs from websites that sell. Customers would love to hear it from their peers over ads that are often faked by organizations. Social proof can be of any form, it can be a testimonial, brand logos, reviews, ratings or even case studies.

A testimony or a review from a beneficial customer can help you make millions of dollars out of it when compared to one branding ad through a professional or an actor. You can tend to make simple investments that could really make sense rather than spending millions of dollars on ad shoots.

More than money, social proofs can gain your trust. Trust can build your business to immeasurable heights and holding on to it again needs immense effort. But I can assure that building trust is worth doing it.

So if you haven’t tried the social proofs yet, you should definitely try it at least once in order to know how it could support your PPC campaign as well as your business.

Wrap Up

If you are working on your PPC campaigns for a long time and hardly find results, I would recommend you implements these techniques to your business at once. These are some of the basic yet fruitful techniques that could help your PPC efforts.

Make sure that you stick to some of such techniques that are beneficial. There are a lot more that I could convey you all on conversion drop rate, but I would always recommend you to stick to the basics of the PPC campaign that you may settle to the highest in the future.

Have I missed any of the important points? Do let me know through your valuable comments. Never miss to let us know your success stories. We would be happy to hear it from you.

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