Independent Review Of Safetrading

As you know, people like easy money. And because of this moment, cryptocurrency is very popular now. There is one platform that lists and checks every crypto trading bot, crypto wallet, and crypto trader. This platform – Safetrading, was opened in 2018 and now has more than two years of experience.

Now, in 2020, they are going to expand. But now we don’t talk about it – let’s find out if you can trust this platform. When you see the front page of this platform, you can find different categories of crypto services. Some of them are mostly approved, not checked, or scammers. How do they check it?

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Usually, such platforms don’t provide their checking rules for due diligence, but Safetrading does. If you visit their blog, you will find the article with calculation rules. And there you can find all the explanations and examples.

The best thing I see about this platform is that they are open. They have a possibility for users to ask the question though the special messenger, so you can ask everything you don’t understand. If you even don’t understand how cryptocurrency works, they have some articles written by the professional and experienced trader, so you can read them and discover the basics of trading.

According to their main article, I see that they pay attention not only to the crypto signals but to other factors like pricing, communication, English language, the experience of the service, support, features, cross-promotion, etc.

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If you want to list your crypto service, you need to provide all the information through the Google form. They have separate forms for traders, wallets, and bots. As I see, they have a section with Forex brokers, but it seems to be in development. By the way, they have a new feature! Now you are able to leave the review about any trader, bot, or wallet. Useful features for those who have something to share!

So, about expanding, what are they going to present in the future? According to my data, they are going to provide more information about Forex brokers and crypto exchanges. As I told you before, there is the Forex brokers category already, but you need to wait a bit to see the review and audits.

If you are interested in crypto, this platform is an excellent thing for you. They have regular due diligence for crypto services, and they are able to tell you which best crypto wallet or trader to choose. If you still have some questions to ask, you can feel free to contact the representative of Safetrading – Andreas Schmidt. So stay aware and trade only with checked services!

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