Instagram Video Marketing Trends To Follow for Small Instagram Business Owners

There are roughly one billion monthly active users of Instagram, making it one of the most used social media platforms. Individuals and businesses often take advantage of such a massive number of users to market their products, skills, talents, and services. Therefore, if you’re a business owner looking for one of the best platforms to market your goods or service and pay less for it while getting a maximum outcome, Instagram is a good option for you.

Instagram is one social media platform that focuses majorly on pictures and video sharing. Hence, IG users often look for such content. They’re more likely to engage with video and picture content than texts. Thus, as a small business owner, if you want more views for your Instagram marketing content and get more engagement, you should opt for videos.

Although regular IG videos often run for 60 seconds, if you have more content to display, you could break it down into multiple videos and share them together or separately. You can also opt for IGTV, which is a new feature that allows app users to share videos up to 60 minutes. However, a good marketing trick will be to share a short but educating piece. More so, your IG video will get more interaction if you follow the right video marketing trends. You’ll learn the proper marketing trend to follow for your small business in this article.

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What Is Instagram Video Marketing?

Instagram Video Marketing involves marketing your business on Instagram with video content. The purpose of this is to drive more engagement and inspire more potential customers to patronize your business. Although you can publish photos as well to promote your small business, videos often perform well than static photos; therefore, it is a better option.

How To Create a Compelling Instagram Marketing Video For Your Business

The following tips will help you create a great marketing video for your business.

Define Your Goal

You don’t just jump in front of the camera and start recording; you must first have a clear goal in mind. What is the purpose of the video? Are you making the video to get more followers? Persuade people to visit your website? Teach them how to do something? Or you’re making the video to engage with your followers, hear their opinion on a topic, or give them something to talk about you?

Your goal will define what you want to say while standing before the camera; thus, it is the first step in creating a compelling Instagram video. Without having a goal in mind, you might lose your followers’ confidence in you and your business since your content may be poorly structured, ridiculing your brand personality.

Make It Short

There are lots of things calling people’s attention on Instagram. There are billions of videos and pictures waiting to be checked. Thus, users are not ready to spend all day checking a single video. Hence you should make your video concise. 15 to 60 seconds is enough time to pass your message; otherwise, viewers might lose interest if the video takes too long.

More so, if you want to hook your viewers to your video and make them watch to the end, you can start the video with a compelling scene. The first three seconds of the video will determine whether they’ll continue watching or slide to the next video.

Thus, you need to grab their attention quickly and swiftly. Since Instagram videos are muted by default, you may start with an attention-grabbing text. Therefore, while the video is muted, the caption can do magic to grab their attention. However, be careful not to use too long texts. Such might result in the opposite of what you want — it might discourage them from watching the video.

Making The Perfect Instagram Marketing Videos For Your Business

Compelling IG marketing videos can help to convince more people to patronize your business. However, you first need to learn how to do it right. Hence below are the steps you should take:

Write A Script

Even though you know what to say, it is always good to document it first. Writing helps you think; hence, your content will be more insightful. The script will include the dialogue and what angle you want to shoot each sentence. Once you’re done documenting your script, you should practice as much as you can until you’re able to present it well and make it flow naturally without looking at the script.

However, if you don’t have much time to spend, you may use a teleprompter, enabling you to read the script on screen while shooting the video. Don’t forget to make it flow naturally so that it doesn’t look like you’re reading the news.

You don’t need to write on paper because that might be stressful and time-consuming; you can type directly on Microsoft Word. You may also use video editing apps like Scripted Video.


Although most people often skip this step, it makes the shoot easier and more professional. A storyboard will define how you want the video to be shot. Ignoring this step means you might make a lot of mistakes and waste time shooting unnecessary scenes.

Think of a storyboard as a guide on how to make a table. With such a step-by-step guide, you know what to do and when to do it. Without it, however, you may try several tries and fail methods which will end up as a waste of time. Making a storyboard isn’t tricky. You can check online to find a printable format like the one below.


Since you’re likely more familiar with your phone camera, you can film your marketing video with it. However, even though Instagram will still compress the quality, you should shoot with the highest resolution. High-resolution videos are more catchy than poor-quality videos. Once you’re done filming, you may export the video with an mp4 file using any of the following tech specs:

  • AAC Audio
  • 264 Codec
  • 3 500 kbps bit rate
  • File size max at 15 MB


You can edit the video directly in the Instagram app. However, if you need more editing features, you can use a secondary editor like Wondershare Filmora. You can import the video directly on the interface and enjoy great editing features like image stabilization and choosing a frame of your choice from the multiple available options. It also features various amazing filters to make your video more catchy.

Title Screen

Viewers will first see a title or cover image before your video begins to play. If the image is catchy and well depict the content, it may inspire them to check. Thus, you must use a good image. You can screenshot a scene from the video or opt for a custom image. If you don’t choose the image yourself, Instagram will use the first scene, which may not depict the content well; hence, the video might get low engagement.

Add Hashtags

An excellent way to boost your content reach on Instagram is to use a trending hashtag. Thus, if you use such a trending hashtag for your marketing video, it’ll be seen by people following such a hashtag. Hashtags can put your marketing content before hundreds or thousands of IG users.

Add links

If you mention a product in the video, you should link to the product landing page in your IG story. This will make it easier for interested viewers to access the product or service and learn more about it without much stress. You may also drive attention to the links by adding a Swipe Up sticker.

Why Should You Choose Instagram Video Marketing Trends Instead Of Photos?

There are several benefits associated with using Instagram video marketing trends over using photos. Some of these benefits include:

It Makes Information Sharing Easier

Pictures might not convert the information as much as you want, and as such, they may be less persuasive. A good marketing video, on the other hand, may contain multiple pictures displayed at different times to convey better the information being shared. It is easier to share more information in videos than pictorial displays.

You Look More Authentic

A good Instagram marketing video will make your business look more authentic than photos. Since you’re running a small business with a “yet to be recognized” brand name, you can better earn your followers’ trust through video than pictures.

More Engagement

Videos often get more engagement than pictures. If viewers interact well with your IG videos, it will promote not only the video but even your page. Videos with good interaction will be suggested for other IG users who are yet to follow your page. If they love the video too, they might decide to follow your page and may end up as your customer.

Increased Sales Opportunities

Studies have shown that about 30% of people who watch Instagram marketing videos will be persuaded to purchase the product or seek the service being marketed. This is higher than what you’ll get from a pictorial display.

What Are The Instagram Video Marketing Trends To Follow For Your Small Instagram Business?

It’s not just about doing videos to market your business; it’s about being strategic and doing it the right way. Hence, below are the video marketing trends to follow to grow your small Instagram business:

  • How to’s videos
  • Product videos
  • Live videos
  • Behind the scene videos

 How To Get Success?

As a small business owner, you first need to nurture your followers before they agree to patronize you. Hence, one of the best ways to nurture them and gain more followers is to create how-to videos. Such videos should be related to your business.

For instance, Kikifoodies Kitchen, a catering page on Instagram with 581k followers, often upload videos about how to make different foods, snacks, juice, and so on. The videos often get thousands of engagements. One of their videos is how to make spice Bòle and fish.

You don’t necessarily have to talk; all you have to do is show how it’s done and maybe play a tone in the background. This type of trend will invite like minds to your page, and when they finally develop confidence in you, they’ll be willing to purchase whatever product you market on your page.

Product Videos

After gaining your followers’ trust by uploading educational videos, you may begin to upload your marketing videos. Those videos should include what your products can do and how it can be used. Show the products from different angles so that they see and recognize them well. You shouldn’t forget to add tags to the product. This will make it easier for your followers to find the product and probably purchase it. To drive more sales, you can work with influencers to share the links to your products in their stories.

You can also show your service as well. For instance, Florencejamescollective, product photography and video page on Instagram, often upload videos of how they shot product videos and pictures and what it looks like after shooting. Here’s the link to one of their videos.

If a business owner sees such a video, they might be inspired by it and patronize the firm. You can adopt this video marketing trend as well.

Live Videos

According to Facebook, people spend 3x more time watching live videos than recorded ones. Thus, you can also make live videos to market your product. It could also be a “how-to” video. You can go live twice or thrice a week. If you have the time, you can do it every day.

Behind The Scenes Video

Another perfect way to earn your followers’ trust and make them patronize your business is to upload “behind the scenes videos.” It is more like brand storytelling videos, bringing people closer to your company. It could be videos of your employees at work or an event. It helps your followers know you on a more personal level, increasing their chances of patronizing you.


Following the right marketing, trends can help attract more people to your page and increase your content engagement. With such, you’ll get more potential customers and eventually make more sales. All you have to do is to follow the guides illustrated above.

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