What Is Internal Communications And Why Should You Care About It?

Internal communications are the systematic assessment of the best ways to help employees communicate with peers and managers in a more effective manner. Strong internal communication will shape up the company’s culture in a very positive manner and will encourage productivity, positivity & creativity.

Internal communications are an integral part of shaping up the entire culture of any organization. Apart from culture, internal communications also determine employee engagement with the organization. In this challenging and changing environment, internal communication is one of the essential factors to keep your organization well established in the market. In the current era, each successful organization has been concerned about the ways they communicate with their employees.

When you have a clear plan and set guidelines for internal communication, employees have less time for office politics and lesser ways to exploit fellow employees. Internal communication guidelines set your employees for increased and effective collaboration while maintaining the transparency. Different teams are working in various departments while using different tools, so basic internal communications will go a long way in aligning people.

Internal Communications are highly integral to the organizations and here are a few reasons that you should care about it.

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Relationship Of Employees With Workplace

There has been a lot of discussions about the trends like working from home and other features of healthy working style like unlimited time off and creative office spaces. These features take a lot of room when it comes to building the employee and workplace relationship.

However, these features are mainly focused on how the employees will relate to their employers. The companies who want to succeed in every circle are focusing even more than ever on improving internal communications so employees feel comfortable and safe in the work environment where words can’t be manipulated to hurt someone or their feelings for that matter.

Help People Find New Ways To Connect

There is a great number of communication channels that are used internally like Facebook, Salesforce, Chatter, Slack and so on. These communication channels keep employees connected. While these communication channels have their pros & cons, the more productive companies are always looking to find new ways to connect their employees internally. The stats of internal social media usage has increased the overall social media use.

Effective Internal Communication Will Help With Customer Satisfaction

Your customers and clients expect you to keep your promise when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction. So the large and well-established companies focus a lot on improving the internal communication of their employees.

Have you ever thought how the successful companies manage the customer & client satisfaction? They do it via strong internal communications because the frontline employees who deal with customers and clients are so well trained by effective internal communication that they raise a bar of effective communication every time they satisfy a customer or client.

The clear vision, well trained and informed employees with a happy attitude and effective communication will impact your customers encounter with your organizations and will ultimately increase your revenues.

Customer experience is most important in the current market. A survey by Gartner in 2017 found that 89% of companies were expected to compete mainly on the customer experience basis compared to 36% in 2013. Also, 50% of consumer product investment is being headed to customer experience innovations. The brands are built from inside, start making your employees experience more pleasant, and it will directly mirror your customer satisfaction in every possible way.

A Win Over Crisis By Effective Internal Communication

Careful communication done on time will help you in mastering the internal or external crisis. The way that employees and external stakeholders see an incident is a major player in whether or not the incident will blow out to be a crisis. When effective communication is done, it will mostly avoid all kinds of crisis and even if something happens, communicating it with the team in a careful manner will help to neutralize the issue.

Healthy Work Environment

A better work environment will help you in avoiding extreme turnover rates and definitely in attracting more positive talent. Good internal communication will help the employees to stay in the company because when timely feedback is given effectively, almost anyone can be fixed and persuaded to work harder. Internal communication will engage employees more in the company’s progress.

Final Words

New tools are developing every day which gives more freedom for the company’s internal communication to be done effectively, so keep exploring and find the best for internal communication tools for your employees and company. Internal comms improvement will have a tremendous positive impact on your human resources and your company’s well being because your employees & you will be able to avoid drama and focus on the progress of the organization.

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